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Inhabit, Queen’s Gardens sets the standard for modern wellness

Sustainability and self-care

Two of the great challenges in modern life are balancing everything that we have to do alongside our own mental and physical wellbeing as well as the health of the planet. While global leaders get involved in big, systemic talks, for us as individuals it's all about habits, and at Inhabit, Queen’s Gardens in London, they're leading the way.

Here, a fusion between personal wellbeing and planetary wellbeing are woven into the hotel and spa experience. It's designed to be integrated rather than in your face - the foundation of a habit you might then choose to take home with you, and proving that luxury, sustainability and wellbeing are in no way mutually exclusive.

Speaking to Jessica Roberts, Head of Wellbeing at Inhabit Hotels, she explains what spa goers will find when they visit Inhabit, Queen’s Gardens, and what the group is trying to achieve when it comes to sustainability and self-care.

An urban wellness journey

"Our objective is to create a really well rounded journey with wellbeing, so you're not just coming for a treatment or a healthy meal, but all those things are there within a plan for your stay. With that in mind, we have introduced new spa packages along with the natural British product house, Gaia. There are three journeys to choose from - awakening, calming and balancing. Each begins with a scent test, using different aromatherapy oils as an indicator for what you and your body needs. Then, everything about your stay will be tailored to that, from your bath salts to your juice shot, your spa treatment to your herbal tea."

A moment of calm to carry with you

"I think after the pandemic people are increasingly aware of their wellbeing and they're trying to make it a regular part of their day. It's a challenge for us as individuals to create that pocket of time for rest and relaxation.

Often people will go out to the countryside for the weekend for a tranquil, sanctuary experience. I see Inhabit as providing that within a city, and that's the feedback we get from guests too. It’s an oasis that's completely rejuvenating and where everything has been carefully thought through. The interior design is calming, there's artwork that invokes a calm feeling - all in the heart of London."

Developing your wellbeing habits

"Our goal is to send people back into the world hoping their treatments continue to provide wellbeing. We always give advice to enhance that as well, and the ability to provide a personalised wellbeing experience is built into our therapist training. We practise what we preach - during their training our therapists started each morning with a meditation to instil this sense of personal care because it informs how you give a treatment. It's also about reminding ourselves that wellbeing is a practice, an ongoing thing, it isn’t something you do once a day and forget about."

Sustainability in the city

"We're very conscious about sustainability as well and how it's aligned with the wellbeing of the individual. We have ensured that everything from the products we use to the food, the linen, the carpets, has been carefully considered..Whether it's using recycled materials, favouring local businesses and social enterprises, avoiding single-use plastic, or checking the provenance of a product. We want to show that sustainability is possible in the city and help people to discover ways to achieve that themselves.”

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