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Interview in The Hot Tub … Yardley London MD, Quentin Higham

Yardley London has had a bit of a makeover of it’s own in the last couple of years, adding a contemporary twist to the quintessentially British brand.  We chatted to MD Quentin Higham to find out more!

What were you doing before you came to Yardley London?

I managed my own sales and marketing consultancy specialising in the creation and management of beauty brands, such as the James Brown London Haircare range; Elle Macpherson Bodycare range; Dawood & Tanner Toothpastes; Jo Woods Organics to name but a few.

What separates the brand from other similar product lines?

Yardley London has a fantastic heritage and has been well-loved and trusted for many years. It is world-renowned for its high quality floral inspired fragrance products at affordable prices.

It is a classic British brand, but you joined the company in 2010, what have been the big changes in that time?

We re-launched the brand in 2010 with new fragrances, new product formats, and new advertising. This has led to considerable distribution increases and brand awareness. We are now appealing to more and younger customers, but this is only the beginning.

What are you most excited about for Yardley London in 2014?

There are two things; one is a range of unique fragrances inspired by our past but with a contemporary twist, and the other is a range of new bath and body products. Both ranges appeal to women who are in their 30s and look like nothing Yardley has done before. The consumer research and feedback from the trade has been tremendously encouraging, both domestically and internationally.

What has been your strangest experience working in the beauty industry so far?

Presenting on German QVC in English with simultaneous German translation in my ear.

Do you have a favourite product for yourself and why?

Citrus and Wood Eau de Toilette - this was the first men’s fragrance we launched as a new Yardley team and as I wear it everyday, it’s become part of me!

Do you have a favourite product to buy as a gift and why?

I nearly always give friends a selection of hand creams and body lotions

What’s your idea of the perfect day of relaxation?

Playing with my son in the morning, followed by a long walk with my dog and the family, playing or watching some sport, a relaxing steam shower, and then a delicious supper with friends.

What is going to be your New Year’s resolution?

Keep slim, continue to laugh and remain patient!

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