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Lithuania’s unusual spa treatments

New to in time for the festive season is IDW Esperanza Resort and Spa in Lithuania, and while every spa brings something new to the spa experience, this one has some particularly unusual spa treatments for optimal wellness.

IDW Esperanza 1

First to tell you a little about the spa itself. A dedicated wellbeing experience, the resort is located in a private corner of the thick green forest of Aukštadvaris just minutes from Vilnius centre, Lithuania’s capital.

The location is charming and an intrinsic part of the feel good factor, but it is combined with facilities that include an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room as well as specialised equipment such as a vitamin D lamp, a collagen lamp and infrared chairs and unique therapies including the Cloud, Amphibia and a Sand Bed.

So what are the ambiguous sounding spa therapies and what are they supposed to do?


Appropriately named for our digital age, Cloud was created when an artist from Vienna used sha philosophy and holistic treatment to create a machine that enables full relaxation of the body and soul, a much-needed experience in the face of daily tensions, stress, and intense emotions. Cloud 9 imitates two clouds floating above each other to form a pleasant environment: sky decorations, mild flowing lights and colours, sound compositions reminiscent of deep breathing, and light rocking. All together this evokes a warm and cozy cradle; 20 minutes of time spent this way replace two hours of deep sleep.


Meanwhile, the unique Amphibia massage bed is designed to revive and strengthen the body. Its surface is covered with special heated water cushions, while the combination of music and vibration known as “binaural beats” provides the incomparable therapy of SPA waves. The various treatments involving the Amphibia use the binaural beats to stimulate the brain and inner organs, enhance the immune system, increase cell vitality, and most importantly, visibly improve wellbeing: it is proven that following the treatments, stress decreases by 40-60%and sleep quality improves by as much as 80%.

Sand bed

Conjuring images of sunnier climes, those of us who are less than thrilled to see the onset of winter months will be pleased to discover the Sand Bed treatment. The therapeutic qualities of hot sand have been known since antiquity, yet the idea of a massage sand bed was born only in the end of the 20th century to a man who wished to cure his wife of unpleasant back pain and constant insomnia. When they took a vacation by the Mediterranean Sea, they discovered that laying on the hot beach greatly improved her condition, so upon their return they decided to apply the method to various therapeutic treatments. It is now known that hot sand releases tension, encourages metabolism as well as lymph and blood circulation, eliminates toxins and accumulated water from the body, helps correct body lines, and restores lost elasticity to the skin. A procedure of just 90-120 minutes makes the body feel instantly better.

Libra horizontal shower

The unique experience of a horizontal shower puts both the body and the mind in a positive state. The various massages, wraps and peelings performed on a heated table are relaxing and revitalising. And the ability to choose from three different water jet settings in varying temperatures (balancing, energising, or relaxing) and enjoy the ritual of special scents makes the treatment especially pleasant.

Find out more by visiting IDW Esperanza Resort and Spa

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