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One of the best kept skincare secrets in the world of spa

Discovering Sothys - the luxury French skincare brand that you’ll only find in hotel spas and professional day spas.

For those who delight in a little self care, there are few things quite as joyful as discovering a new skincare brand. Perhaps what's even more joyful however, is discovering a hidden treasure, and that's exactly what Sothys is.

Luxury skincare with a story

Sothys (pronounced 'sowties') is a French professional spa brand that's been changing the game in beauty and skincare since 1946. The brainchild of spa treatment visionary, Dr Hotz, it was born in the new wave of beauty interest post World War Two. The name came from his other passion - Egyptian myth - in which Sothys was the name given to the brightest star in the sky. She was perceived by the inhabitants of the land of Pharaohs as the jewel amongst jewels. Men were fascinated by her brightness and her beauty.

The brand took up residence at the fashionable 128 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where Chanel once occupied her townhouse and in close proximity to the stylish Le Bristol Paris hotel. Amidst this chic world of boutiques, from 1946 to 1956 Dr Hotz pioneered haute couture prescriptive skincare, and would routinely have women queuing around the corner waiting for their personalised consultation and product recommendations.

In 1956, Dr Hotz met Bernard Mas who became president of Sothys, taking the brand into 120 countries in the world. Bernard shared the vision for a brand with substance, and while he passed away in 2023, his sons remain at the helm, extolling the core values on which the brand was built, and evolving them into the present day.

Environment, ethics and evolution

Today, Sothys remains a professional brand, found in spas and prestigious salons but not available in retail stores. They honour that initial belief that skincare should be personal - recommended on the basis of professional knowledge and understanding. Some of the brand's original products are ongoing favourites - namely their Desquacrem deep cleanser containing gypsophila extract and famous for leaving skin as smooth as glass. They have, of course, also added to the line and the formulas as knowledge and science has evolved.

Crucially, Sothys is as much about ethics and process as it is about the product itself, believing that one is inextricably linked to the other. They are dedicated to the environment, for example, as well as the community around which their brand is built. Mas based the business around his home town of Corrèze in France, delivering jobs to the area and a much celebrated commercial focal point. As part of the business community he created Les Jardins Sothys - an exquisite haven based around the brand's botanical skincare ingredients, and a beautiful experience in its own right.

Each section of the garden is linked to a product collection, telling beautiful stories along the way. For example, for Bernard's 70th birthday, his sons gifted him with a rose, planted it in the garden and named it after him. From this rose they extracted stem cells which are now used in their La Creme 128 - named after their Parisian base at 128 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

That reverence for nature has contributed to a lifelong commitment to sustainability - a brand value since long before it was fashionable. From sustainable packaging to a partnership with Plastic Bank which sees them collect plastics washed up on the seashores around the world, and more integrated programmes in the pipeline, they're meaningfully contributing to their impact on the planet.

As a case in point, Sothys is arguably one of the most spectacular leaders in refillable products. Partnering with Bernardaud, a luxury porcelain manufacturer known for working with Michelin star restaurants, they have created signature jars with gold leaf that make beautiful display pieces, and which can be reused with the purchase of biodegradable refills over time.

Today, Sothys continues to work with five-star spas around the world, including Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa, Sofitel London Heathrow, Nàdarra Spa at The Coniston Hotel and Bishopstrow Hotel and Spa. Combining their exquisite heritage and products with exceptional experiences, they're proof that high quality beauty is timeless.

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