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The perfect Portavadie escape

Nestled onto the shores of Loch Fyne in Argyll, Portavadie is the sort of place that really should be the set of a movie.


In fact, if P.S I Love You had been in Scotland, this is where it would take place. With views across sparkling lochs, proximity to the wild west coast, magic woodland and forest in abundance, the location of this contemporary hotel is the epitome of beauty.  If ever you doubted that environment has an impact on your health and wellbeing, Portavadie is a place that’s going to prove you wrong.


Spectacular scenery

Of course, with that kind of surrounding landscape, you also get the opportunity and various modus operandi to explore it.  Activities here are abundant.  Cycling, hiking, walking, kayaking, sailing and fishing are all part of the natural repertoire, not to mention keeping a weather eye out for deer, buzzards, otters, golden eagles, red squirrels and even basking sharks.


Scandi style

That said, the beautiful natural surroundings are not to diminish the hotel itself.  In glorious juxtaposition to the location, Portavadie is a contemporary hotel that makes the most of modern architecture and 21st century tourism expectations.

The infinity pool in the spa allows you to take in the view from the warmth, in a light filled facility that prioritises luxury.  There is a certain sense of high end meets Scandi minimalism which of course is wonderfully zeitgeisty.  It’s right up there with Hygge, Nordic Noir film and foraging.


Something for everyone

Trends aside, it doesn’t stop Portavadie from being accessible.  With its welcoming ambience and array of accommodation including romantic cottages and group lodges, the hotel embraces everyone from families to solo spa goers looking to escape for a little peace and quiet.  To find somewhere that you would happily take your other half as well as your children is a rarity indeed; the proverbial unicorn of hotels if you will.

The combination of all aspects means that Portavadie is an escape in the true spa sense.  It’s somewhere you can go to relax and unwind and come away feeling significantly better at the end of it.  Fresh air while you lounge in the outdoor pool with a view of the natural water around you does wonders for the soul.  It’s a fact that few can doubt, but that you will only know the real power of when you actually experience it.


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