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The power of sexual energy for women’s health and navigating the menopause

Having started working with massage 22 years ago, Kalindi Jordan is White Calm Retreats’ expert in sexual energy, and she’s using it to support women’s wellness, particularly through the menopause.


What sounds like something out of a movie at first, quickly develops into something sincere, meaningful and ultimately rooted in fundamental pragmatism when you speak to Kalindi. A warm, welcoming and articulate woman who clearly feels passionate about her work, she says her interest started because: “I never really understood why people didn’t feel beautiful. We are such beautiful creations and my curiosity has always been to help people find their beauty beyond the physical. It’s from a sadness really, that we’re such amazing creations and we have so much negativity about it.  We can look at a tree and think it’s beautiful without judgement, but we look at ourselves and pull ourselves apart.”

“I never really understood why people didn’t feel beautiful.”

Working with the nervous system and how it responses to the way we think, as well as the way our bodies react to emotions, Kalindi’s journey of research and understanding has seen her work with everyone from teenagers to adults, people who have suffered trauma and people who simply want to get more enjoyment from their sexuality.

Using sexual energy to stay vibrant and healthy

“The ethos of how I work, particularly over the last nine years where I have been working on sexual healing, is how to use sexual energy to stay vibrant and healthy. How it can energise our bodies, and how that can keep our creative spark alive; keep our intuition healthy for our enjoyment of life, not just for sexual pleasure.”

“once we can recognise where our body is trying to take us we can relax”

Working alongside other experts such as Dr Amalia on White Calm Retreats, she brings a sexual and spiritual element to wellbeing retreats that cater to all facets of health - from nutrition and supplements to exercise and energy. “There’s a lot of information on how to eat, and the hormones and understanding from Dr Amalia, where I come in is in how to stay connected with that vital sexual life force, because a lot of women as they go into the peri-menopause and the hormonal changes it brings, find that there’s also a change of attitude and perception.”

How to stay connected with that vital sexual life force

Menopause is a central but not explicit focus of the retreats that Kalindi is a part of, but within it she’s determined to change the perception of natural changes in life, and to help people use it as an opportunity to understand where their bodies are taking them: “once we can recognise where our body is trying to take us we can relax. It’s like we’re turning into a new person, so how do we meet this new person? How do we shed the elements we no longer need gracefully? It’s a discerning time where we can be very clear about what we do or don’t need or want in our lives, which can be very disconcerting for people who haven’t done that before.”

In short, the retreats and practices are about maintaining vibrancy in the body. It’s about “how changes affect our psychology and emotions, and how to meet that in the body. For example, how to use hot flushes positively - how to use that release of energy to go into a new phase of creativity.”

“what I want is for women of all ages to feel empowered”

It’s hard to pinpoint all the techniques used on the retreats, because the process is so personal and much of it is feeling your way rather than rationalising it. However, some of the basic tenets include womb yoga, movement, dance and discussion. As Kalindi says: “it’s very personal to the group of women that we work with. We look at so many different areas - it’s so rich in the wealth of wisdom that we have.  It’s very intuitive, it’s enhancing intuition, an embodied wisdom using mind and emotion and communication of the body to make choices that empower.”

Poetically, Kalindi concludes: “what I want is for women of all ages to feel empowered - to feel they can share their wisdom gracefully as they get older, and to relax back into who they are. That’s really what it’s about.”


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