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Self-care Sundays: making space for a sleep routine

Making space for self-care isn't always easy... but what if you booked out a little non-negotiable time?

Whether you're short on time or struggling to get a good night's sleep, feel the need to reconnect with your body or want a little time where no-one can reach you on your mobile phone.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to overlook our own wellbeing - it’s often the first thing to go when you find yourself feeling too busy or overwhelmed. As the Zen saying goes:

"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour."

Whether it's carving out time for meditation, unplugging from screens or calling a friend we want to make sure self-care becomes a sacred part of all our lives. So, every week we're bringing you ideas to give yourself a break with time dedicated to taking care of your mental, physical and emotional health.

Taking care of yourself isn't another thing to add to your to-do list - it's giving you the rest and recovery you deserve. Give yourself the opportunity to feel like the best version of yourself by putting a date in the diary for you with our Self-care Sunday ideas.

Self-care and sleep tips

For our first Self-care Sunday we’re focusing on sleep, asking our team members what their nighttime routines are and how they relax and unwind in the evenings. It comes as part of a month where we're focusing on the correlation between stress and sleep, with spa treatments, destinations and ideas to help you rest and relax.

Sleep well with the positive power of spa

Anna, Paid Media Executive

“My nighttime routine is simple but it’s my favourite way to unwind before another busy day ahead. I tend to get dinner organised as soon as I walk through the door, allowing myself as much time as possible to relax. I find if I sit down, I find it more difficult to get back up! When I come in from work, I like to remove my makeup, shower, and get into a fresh set of PJ’s. As I go to the gym in the morning on my way to work, I always pack my gym & work bag the night before to allow myself as much of a lay in as possible. Once I get into bed, I like to catch up with any messages from friends and family. After that, I like to finish off my evening with a scroll through TikTok (my guilty pleasure). Although this might not be the best way, it’s how I like to switch off.”

Laura, CRM and Email Marketing Executive

“With young children, sleep is so precious to me... So I learned a few years ago that the ‘early hours’ of sleep are vital for me to bank some good zzz’s. It also means I can get up early to exercise. I aim to get all jobs done (kids teeth, packed lunches, stories, etc.) by 8pm. So everything is ticked off my list and I can have an hour to focus on unwinding. At 8pm, I start with a hot shower removing the day from my skin. I lay out my gym kit for the morning, and then I do my skincare routine, put on some PJs and some nice perfume. I sit and watch an hour or so of TV with an Earl Grey and biscuit - I read once that going to bed fuller helps you to sleep through. By 9pm, I check the children and then I’m in bed. Once I’m there and I’ve got fresh water and my night retainers are in I don’t tend to get back up. The last thing I do to help me feel calm is to check my lists for the morning so that I can fully put a line under the day. I read for about half an hour and then I’m off!”

Rhea, Creative Designer

“My nighttime routine is simple but effective. As an early sleeper who likes to be asleep by 9:30pm (early, I know), my unwinding routine starts as soon as I get home from work. I get changed into comfy clothes and have dinner very soon after I get in from work with my partner. I spend some quality time with him as we talk about the kind of days we’ve had and catch-up. I have a small art print business which I spend a little bit of time doing in the evenings, whether this is printing and packing orders or responding to customers. Shortly after, I have a small skincare routine consisting of a hot cloth cleanse and moisturiser, and to protect my hair whilst I sleep, I put it in a silk scrunchie and bonnet. I then like to curl up in bed on top of a heated blanket and fall asleep to the sound of a YouTube video my partner is playing in the background. Having noise in the background really helps settle my mind from overthinking and I can take the time to relax my body.”

Bonnie, Editor

“I am a creature of habit in every aspect of life, so an evening routine is something I cleave to. After I finish work I typically walk the dog and aim to do 30 minutes of yoga to stretch out my back after a day at my desk and to slow my mind away from the computer screen. It's a new habit that I've found makes a big difference to how I feel, especially in winter. My border collie has taken to helping by throwing a few squeaky toys at me in the process, which certainly adds to the balancing challenges.A shower includes the religious use of moisturisers and facial oils before settling in for dinner, which is always spent watching a series of some description (and more squeaky toy throwing from wherever I'm sitting.) I aim to go to bed at 10pm and would love to say that I read every night but I am definitely guilty of wasting time on my phone more often than not. Thankfully I tend to fall asleep quickly - something I am enormously grateful for.”

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