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Spotlight on … The Woodland Spa

Created solely for relaxation, The Woodland Spa have been so popular that they have now added overnight accommodation to the day spa … but only for the lucky few!

First Impressions

Up until May this year, The Woodland Spa was just a day spa.  Purpose built, contemporary, and surrounded by the scenic glory of Lancashire but with a distinct limit on the amount of time you could spend there.  Now all of that has changed …

The Hotel

Such is the appeal of the spa and the numerous requests to be able to spend more than one day there, that they have been working with the nearby Holiday Inn for some time to create overnight packages, and for larger groups this continues to be the accommodation of choice.

The Spa

The spa is in a purpose built space, so you know that the positioning of everything has been considered and accordingly it is no surprise that it is an award winning destination.  There is a ladies only gym, and a complete thermal suite that features a hydrotherapy pool, serenity pool, outdoor pool, outdoor hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, roman foot baths, ice fountain, experience showers, and a rasul for up to four people, so it is an absolutely ideal place to go with a group of girlfriends for a seriously good catch up.

The Restaurant

The spa itself does in fact have its own restaurant so whether you are a day spa guest or staying overnight you are well catered for.  Bertram’s is a bit of a destination in its own right thanks to the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside through floor-to-ceiling windows, and it’s open for lunch and dinner, coffees and cocktails, so you are guaranteed a full day of entertainment.

The Location

100 acres of Lancashire countryside is a pretty wonderful backdrop for a spa, setting the scene for total escapism, particularly if you happen to spend time in the outdoor pool and hot tubs.  Just keep your fingers crossed for the weather!

The Verdict

The group aspects of The Woodland Spa, from the rasul for four to the new apartment accommodation, makes it a complete no brainer as a destination for small groups and mother/daughter breaks.  Whether it’s a hen party, birthday, or just an excuse for a chat, the spa provides a day’s worth of relaxed entertainment and quality time together.

Top Tips

  • If you want to stay overnight then book that flat early to avoid disappointment - there’s only one!
  • Take a good book and settle into the outdoor hot tub on a sunny day.
  • Whichever meal you decide to stay for, do pop in to Bertram’s for something to eat!  Afternoon tea perhaps?

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