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How to Stop Smoking

Lent may be over, but it’s always a good time to think about quitting when it comes to smoking, especially if somewhere as beautiful as SHA Wellness Clinic is on hand to help!  Here they explain some of the knowledge that features in their Anti Tobacco spa break …

What does the Anti-Tobacco Package entail?

The Anti-Tobacco package uses a multidisciplinary approach for an extremely complex addiction. The package includes treatments where ancient and western techniques are combined with the objective to maximise the level of efficiency to eliminate the need of the substance.

What is the biggest challenge for most people when they decide to stop smoking?

The biggest challenge for most people is making sure that they stick to their decision on a long term basis.

We all know smoking is bad for you, but can the damage be reversed if you stop?

There are several aspects of your health which can steadily improve once you quit smoking. Your blood pressure and pulse rate can decrease to normal levels and the temperature of your hands and feet increases to normal levels.  Blood carbon monoxide levels decrease and the blood oxygen increases to normal levels, sudden heart attack risk steadily decreases, nerve endings start to rejuvenate and olfactory and taste sense start to normalise.  After two weeks and three months circulation improves, lung function improves and wounds will heal faster, while around nine months smoking symptoms such as coughs, nasal congestion, fatigue, and breathing difficulties improve.  After a year coronary heart disease levels decrease to half comparing with a person that smokes, and after five years the percentage of lung cancer decreases to 50% when compared to a person that smokes a cigarette pack per day. When you reach 10 years of being smoke free stroke and lung cancer risk levels are the same compared to a person that has never smoked.

How much of it is about physical addiction, and how much is psychological?

It is difficult to separate both factors.  The psychological component is really important. In fact, traditional drugs to quit smoking have a very limited efficiency if they are not applied on a multidisciplinary and integrated program. Considering this, the biological or physical components are very relevant, but there are other factors to consider as this addiction is very complex. There are other important examples where people are able to quit smoking when they are admitted to hospital or during pregnancy but then return to their smoking habit afterwards.

Is seven days enough to kick the habit?

The program is seven days but once the guest confirms the booking we will send a document with motivational instructions as well as patterns of consumption reduction, allowing the guest to reduce the number of cigarettes before arrival. Once the guest leaves SHA Wellness Clinic they will receive action guidelines for the prevention of relapses and the possibility of regular online consultations using video conference with the clinic specialists.

What advice do you give people to help them stay off the cigarettes when they return home?

Our team of experts will produce a personalised program for the guest’s lifestyle, evaluating all possible situations considering the internal (emotional) and external stimulus which can cause the person to start smoking again. An individual action plan will also be designed with the guest. This personalised and attentive care will maximize the results, providing the confidence and tools that the guest needs to achieve its goals.

What are your three top tips for anyone who wants to stop smoking?

Be patient with yourself, learn to use your strengths, and listen to your body.

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