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Sustainable spa experiences at Cloud Twelve Club 

Cloud Twelve sustainable spa

A one-of-a-kind wellness and lifestyle club in the heart of Notting Hill, Cloud Twelve Club is an indulgent spa, a luxury salon, a nutritionally focused brasserie and a holistic wellness clinic all under one roof, with a sustainable spa approach that supports the environment as well…

A holistic wellbeing approach

Cloud Twelve Club aims to bring something unique to the spa and wellbeing experience across the board. That means considering wellness in terms of the individual as well as the environment and in all forms. As a result, they have developed, to the best of their ability, an organic, eco-friendly environment, paying attention not just to what you eat and drink, but also to what you breathe, touch and walk on and how much waste they generate.

Cloud Twelve sustainable spa

Eco-friendly spa products 

Treatments are very much part of the spa and wellbeing experience, so it stands to reason that skincare products should also share in the responsible and eco friendly approach that they value. As a result, the spa offers world class styling and colour services as well as manicures and pedicures using plant-based, eco-sustainable, non-toxic products such as vegan nail brands Nailberry and EVO. 

Responsible suppliers include Comfort Zone, who are a recognised ‘B Corp™’, which means they’re part of a global network of people that use business as a force for good. To be recognised, they have to be a company that meets the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. They also work with The Organic Pharmacy, Scrummi who create biodegradable towels instead of traditional laundry suppliers; and Aveda.

Cloud Twelve sustainable spa

Feng Shui philosophy 

To ensure the free flow of harmonious energy throughout all three floors they have used a Feng Shui approach to design. However, that stems beyond placement and into the materials themselves. They have chosen resources crafted from natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials and aim to be 99% paperless, to reduce their environmental footprint. 

Sustainable spa approach to waste management

They proudly state that their goal is to move beyond the ‘3 Rs’ of waste hierarchy - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - and to include upcycling in their processes as well in order to truly aim for minimal or even, eventually, zero waste. 

Cloud Twelve sustainable spa

Organic food and packaging

One of the things people love the most about Cloud Twelve Club is the food. They are known for their indulgent but guilt-free organic, plant-based menu that’s good for good for the body, mind and soul. Alongside organic food products, they are also mindful of how they serve it, working in partnership with Vegware, a company that supplies plant-based and compostable food packaging, as well as disposing of waste responsibly.

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