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The All Party Parliamentary Group taking wellbeing to Government

Wellbeing has become an ever greater part of our collective consciousness in recent years, recognised for its all pervading importance in our daily lives. 

With that in mind, there are lots of people who work tirelessly to represent the different aspects of health and wellbeing, presenting information to the powers that be, including Government, in order to get people and businesses the support that they need. 

For those who work in the spa and beauty industry, the pandemic highlighted a need for someone to advocate for the individuals and the businesses within the industry and how they contribute to the nation’s wellbeing. The mantle was taken up by the Beauty and Wellbeing All Party Parliamentary Group, which was formed by Co-Chairs Carolyn Harris MP and Judith Cummins MP. 

The history of wellness 

Wellness has a long history of importance around the world in various different guises.  From Ayurveda in 3000 BC to hydrotherapy in the 1800s, to the first UN World Happiness Report in 2012 (now annual), measuring the state of happiness in 155 nations, the key causes of happiness and misery, and policy implications for countries worldwide. Yes it’s about spa experiences but it goes far beyond facials.

Why representing the wellness industry is important

While those of us enjoying the spa, wellbeing and beauty industry, these inner workings often seem remote and irrelevant. However, during extended periods of isolation, many of us became even more aware of the power of touch, self-care and the work that the wellness industry does. No longer did it seem like a luxury, but something that we all need in various different forms.

cancer touch
Read more about the power of touch|Find out more Founder, Abi Selby is also one of the team in the All Party Parliamentary Group, working to address topics in parliament. Passionate about the industry as a whole, from employment and therapist wellbeing to supporting the needs of individual spa goers, she has championed the benefits of the spa industry for years. She has been instrumental in changing the way spas and cancer relate to one another, and she is passionate about addressing topics including menopause and beauty banks and ensuring everyone has access to basic hygiene products.

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