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The best reasons to plan solo travel in 2021

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This year, we seem to have fallen into one of two camps. We’ve either spent time alone to the point of risking loneliness, or we may have been at home in close quarters with family for an extended period of time. Either way, this year has been characterised by ongoing stress and anxiety, none of which is good for mind, body and soul. While it may seem premature to plan a 2021 holiday, it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy daydreaming and to put yourself first for a change. While loneliness isn’t good, the peace, quiet, and mental solitude of the right kind of time by yourself is essential to recovering from the stresses of daily living. Creating an environment where it’s a proactively positive thing to be on your own can start with creating something beautiful to look forward to - and travel could be just the ticket. Here are just some of the best reasons to plan solo travel next year…

Science says quality time alone increases empathy

In an article on Forbes, the scientific benefits of quality time alone were discussed, and one of them includes the enhancement of our own empathy. We can all suffer from the competitive nature generated by the likes of social media or a busy working life. However, spending time alone allows you time to think beyond that immediate me v them cycle and enhance our empathy for others - perhaps even allowing us the space to be a little gentler with ourselves as well.

Solitude sparks creativity

It’s difficult to really feel inspired when you’re overloaded by outside noise. Being alone with your thoughts gives your brain a chance to wander, which can help you become more creative. Add to that an ideal setting - the sea for example - and a few days jogging along the beach, listening to the waves crash, enjoying a massage or two and reading a good book, and solo travel could be just what you need to regain a little equilibrium and inspiration.

Solo travel could help build mental strength

We all feel fragile at times, and a big part of helping us to feel cared for is socialising. However, spending nurturing quality time alone can also be extremely valuable. Studies show the ability to enjoy alone time has been linked to increased happiness, better life satisfaction, and improved stress management. People who enjoy alone time apparently experience less depression.

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A solo trip is a chance to get to know yourself

An ability to be aware of your own thoughts (and not always believe them to be true) as well as being in touch with how you feel physically and mentally, can be a hard skill to master. However, it can be extremely helpful in managing our mental and physical health. We have often spoken about the power of getting back into your own body - that connectivity to self is one of the great things about massage for example. However, being by yourself can also help you reconnect with what you really think and feel about things. Sometimes that just means being aware, but it could also help you to make choices without outside influences. So if you’ve got a sense that you want to make some changes in 2020 but don’t have the space to think, maybe a solo holiday is exactly what you need!

It’s a chance to focus on your environment

The nature of travelling with someone else is that you tend to focus more on them than the place that you’re visiting - it becomes the backdrop. That’s great, because it gives you time to connect with someone you care about. However, if you’re looking to explore somewhere new and appreciate its beauty, then perhaps being on your own and dedicating yourself fully to the experience for a few days could be a completely different and enriching experience.


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