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The meaningful impact of spa treatments for anyone with or recovering from cancer

In the face of cancer, spa experiences can sometimes seem trivial, but it’s the impact they can have on how you feel that makes them so important.

Most of us spend our time in our heads and out of touch with our bodies. But when we are ill that connection with our body is put through the wringer in a uniquely aggressive way. That’s what makes the right spa treatment such a joy. It helps us to reconnect with our bodies in a positive way, away from the trauma of treatments and worry. Even if it’s just for a moment.

If you have followed our journey over the years, you may know that accessing spa treatments when you have cancer has historically been problematic due to a lack of knowledge, red tape and misinformation. However, there are many who have worked to change that. Now we are at the dawn of a time where treatments are more personalised. The availability of spa experiences for anyone with a serious health problem, including cancer, is becoming more widespread.

Jennifer Young and Cancer Research UK

One of the pioneers in this journey has been Jennifer Young. Her product lines, treatment protocols and therapist training, have made her a leader in her field. She’s a recognised expert in specialist skincare for those living with or having been through cancer.

Extending those efforts and that message this year, she joined forces with Cancer Research UK. At an event they offered skin, nail and wellbeing advice, mini treatments and workshops, promoting rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Nails were painted, questions were asked and answered, laughter and tears were abundant and friendships were formed. Here’s what some of those experiencing spa treatments and spa products said about the difference they made to how they felt…

First hand accounts of the impact of spa treatments

‘When I was diagnosed, my sisters gave me a hamper of Jennifer Young goodies. As soon as treatment started, I understood just how wonderful a gift it was. I had no idea that I would have such dry skin, fragile nails and sensitivity. I slept with Jennifer Young products next to my bed for two years. I appreciate these specialist products every day.”

JS, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017

‘Having been diagnosed with cancer I was being turned down by spas for treatments because of my illness. This had a really negative impact on me and was terribly upsetting as I felt I was being discriminated against. I finally found out about Jennifer Young treatments and as soon as I walked through the door the therapists were sensitive, kind and so understanding of my condition. The tailored treatments with beautiful products were fantastic, and the whole experience normalised my situation and gave me strength during a time in my cancer journey which was very hard.’

JM, diagnosed with blood cancer in 2019

About Jennifer Young spa treatments and products

The Jennifer Young Skincare Collections, available from Cancer Research UK, are formulated to combat some of the side-effects of treatment for cancer. These natural, luxurious and indulgent products were created with the help of those affected by cancer and their healthcare teams. The collections are perfect for the dry, sore, sensitive flaking skin, chapped lips and brittle nails, often experienced as a consequence of treatment for cancer.

Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young is recommended for those undergoing treatment and others with sensitive skin. These simple formulations are nourishing and moisturising. The collection contains ten core products, five for face and five for body.

Beyond Beauty by Jennifer Young was formulated at the request of those who had graduated from Defiant Beauty and wanted to continue using Jennifer Young products. Often, a broader range of ingredients can be enjoyed after treatment. The Beyond Beauty collections contain natural ingredients, such as frankincense, known for their anti-ageing, rejuvenating properties.

Jennifer Young developed accredited professional qualifications for spas and therapists. These qualifications are accredited by a number of internationally recognised professional bodies. The team deliver CPD courses for a number of organisations as well as delivering training to healthcare professionals. Jennifer Young products and services can be found in a number of UK hospitals, hospices and support centres.

Jennifer Young has a BSc (Hons) in Biology and is an experienced microbiologist, a nutritional therapist, an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, a qualified aromatherapist, beauty therapist and product formulator. She has two post-graduate qualifications in health-related fields, has been accepted by the Courts as an expert witness for occupational health cases, has taught internationally and has been active in medical research.


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