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The power of post

Why putting it in writing means the world.

In a digital world, sending something by post - a letter, a gift, a token of affection - is a little more unusual than it might once have been. We live in a world where even birthday cards and season's greetings tend to be sent more by text message than written mail, and with that scarcity it seems that the arrival of something in the post (that's not a bill or junk), has more meaningful value than ever.

Thinking of you

Personally, I have become a big fan of the 'thank you' letter, the 'get well soon' card, the 'this made me think of you' note. It doesn't take long, but it does take thought, and that extra bit of time speaks volumes when you're on the receiving end of it. Somehow, by slowing the pace down a little, away from the digital realm, we add a little extra consideration and significance to the missive.

Staying connected with friends and loved ones

Most of us live busy lives - as friends grow up, some have children, some don't; some move abroad or to different parts of the country, and we might see one another less or struggle to even organise phone calls as diaries misalign.

It's easy to lose touch or not to speak to our nearest and dearest for extended periods of time. Amidst all that busyness, unexpectedly taking a moment and realising that someone thought about you can stop you in your tracks.

Post and personal experience

On a personal note, since childhood my best friend and I have always written to one another. It started in the back of the classroom, sending folded pieces of paper down the science benches. When we went to different schools it moved to letters, written in fervent scrawl that probably only the two of us could piece together. Little trinkets, friendship bracelets and drawings were often enclosed.

Now in our late thirties we live at opposite ends of the country, and still the little notes continue - a card containing seeds for the garden, a photograph with scribblings on the back, a doodle - a connection. There's more than 30 years of friendship in written form, safely preserved in a scrapbook and each page holds value.

Say it your way

While there's no need to turn one's friendship into a short novel of irreverent prose, the power of sending a note, a letter, a gift in the post should never be underestimated.

So, the next time you want to tell someone - ‘happy birthday’, ‘happy anniversary’, ‘thank you’, ‘thinking of you’. ‘I miss you’, or even ‘I love you’, don't just say it. Say it with a letter, say it with post, and maybe even say it with

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