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Share the love: gifts to help loved ones feel their best

How do we know we're getting it right?

Perhaps you have a loved one with an upcoming birthday, or perhaps you're getting ahead of the game when it comes to purchasing Christmas presents - either way, we're in a cost of living crisis, so when it comes to spoiling loved ones it means three things:

  1. We want our hard earned cash to be spent on something meaningful
  2. We want to make maximum impact at a level of spending we feel comfortable with
  3. We want to give our friends and family something they will love

What most of us want at the moment is to feel happy and healthy. Post-pandemic we're all a little more wellness aware, but even without that, who doesn't want to feel positive and joyful, especially as the winter nights draw in? Wellbeing focused gifts have become more and more popular, but choosing them isn't always easy - wellbeing, after all, is personal.

While we're huge fans of booking a spa getaway as a gift (obviously), we get that it can be a bit of an investment, and you might not be sure where your loved one wants to go or what treatment they would like. This is where the humble voucher comes in - spend what you want, choose the level of flexibility that you're comfortable with and you can even add joyful self-care products to start the spa-factor at home.

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Did you know there's a science to good gift giving?

Some people are excellent gift givers, and others... well, we all appreciate the thought. It turns out, there is actually a bit of a science to good gift giving (try saying that quickly).

An article from the BBC delved into the benefits and pitfalls of gift giving and found that getting it right can bring people closer together. However, it's easy to get caught up in a catalogue of things that we think we should do when it comes to gift buying, rather than simply going with what feels right.

Top tips for good gift giving

So what can we learn from the research and from our current climate, placing an emphasis on meaningful gift giving that's worth the money. Here are some top tips:

Good gifts are not about how much you spend

Spending more doesn't always mean the gift is better or better received. Instead, focus on what you think someone might actually like. It might just be a marmalade sandwich.

Think long-term gift benefits

The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving - whether that means something to look forward to, something to keep or something that's going to create lasting memories. For example, a spa voucher gives you something to look forward to and the opportunity to create happy memories!

Gifts don't need to be hyper-specific

Often we are so keen to show our loved ones that we've thought about them that we get really hung up on unique gifts. While that's great, it can lead to some pretty peculiar choices. Instead, think about the things you like, if there's anything your friend has commented on, or even consider buying the same gift as you have bought for someone else - if it was a hit, roll with it!

Buy gifts based on shared interests

Shared interests are a great basis for good gift giving because you already have some knowledge in the area. If you have a shared interest that can be experienced together then that's even better as it's also a chance to spend quality time together and further improve the relationship.

Ask what your loved one wants

We often get caught up on the idea of gifts needing to be a surprise, but it's actually ok to ask someone what they want. So, for example, you might not want to buy a spa voucher but book an actual spa day or break as a gift. Rather than worry if the date, the location and the treatment are ok, why not simply ask? It might even give them more of a treat by getting involved in the planning and anticipation.

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