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Travel trends for 2022

We’re dreaming bigger and better!

Travel in 2022 is hopeful and extravagant if surveys are anything to go by. A combination of bookings made and a little wishful thinking shows that we’re dreaming bigger and better than the last couple of years allowed. So what are the travel trends for 2022?

Longer holidays

We’re in the mood for long escapes after two years of snatching weekends here and there. It’s not as though we aren’t interested in short breaks - quite the contrary, wellbeing now being front and centre of our minds means that short and frequent wellness breaks are still very much on the agenda. However, we’re also very keen to enjoy a two week getaway by the beach, in the mountains or wherever the mood takes us.


Multi-stop travel

Road trip anyone? UK travel had a renaissance in the pandemic and this year’s trend is not for choosing one destination but for going to the whole lot. Hop in that car and start hopping from one favourite location to the next. Spend two weeks going from beach to beach in Devon and Cornwall, drive through the Lake District, head to Scotland - wherever the mood takes you - there’s a whole world out there to explore and there’s no time like the present!

Destination celebrations

We’re done with low key celebrations. This year’s birthdays and anniversaries are going to be extravagant. Whether it’s a party of five or 50, we’re seeking to celebrate in unapologetic style this year. Dress up, head somewhere special and enjoy every minute of it.


Digital detox holidays

“This ‘always on’ digital exposure has led to 53% of travellers saying they are looking to take time out from their devices and social media during their next trip.” - The Times

Zoom calls have been life saving but we’re also a little bit fed up with so much digital communication. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where we can totally switch off. Even some where the 4G and Wifi are so limited you would never successfully scroll through Instagram, even if you wanted to. Turn off for a while, the digital realm will still be there when you return.


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