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Tried and Tested: [Comfort Zone] Skin Regimen Hydra-Pro Cream Gel

On first opening the little brown glass jar from [Comfort Zone], what strikes me about the Skin Regimen Hydra-Pro Cream Gel cream gel is that in all seriousness it could be for either men or women; the smell is fresh, and not specifically feminine, but nonetheless extremely pleasant.

Applying the cream forms another surprise all of its own because far from the usual reaction where one wonders ‘how different can it really be to all the other creams out there’, while waiting with baited breath for a miracle to start descending from temple to chin in the mirror before your very eyes, it feels as though you are wrapping your skin up in a very rich fabric and giving it a gigantic cuddle.  It’s really a very special feeling.

Part of the latest range from [Comfort Zone], the brand has made a name for itself as the results driven, natural, luxury skincare line from Italy with almost instant results.  Well, if anyone was going to do natural Skincare stylishly it would be the Italians wouldn’t it?

Skin Regimen Hydra-Pro Cream Gel is designed (in an ideal world) to be used as part of a complete system of serums, creams, cleansers, toners and skin supplements to combat the signs of ageing before they really take hold.

I will have to report back on whether I am still the picture of youth in 10 years time, but in the here and now, it is true to its word, it is hydrating, moisturising, and my skin tone is better than it has been in weeks, which has to be a good sign for things to come!

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