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Tried and tested: Nobu Zen

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch is about as chic as it gets when it comes to hotel spa experiences, and central to it all are their signature treatments, in particular, Nobu Zen.

Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

Based on the renowned brand owner’s philosophy that a healthy body is one that stretches regularly, this principle has been applied to their massages which, quite literally, include lots of stretching.

So, how exactly does it work?

The 75 minute treatment begins with a 15 minute non assisted stretch - i.e you do it yourself, much like you would in a yoga class, and is followed by a 60 minute personalised body massage which includes aided stretching.

The products:

This is combined with the use of Elemental Herbology aromatic oils; a UK based brand recognised for its unique and intuitive approach to wellbeing, inspired and informed by the five elements - five elements of wood, fire, earth, water and metal.

The purpose:

While the treatment is tailored to the individual and is followed by personalised advice, its overall purpose is to helps improve flexibility and breathing, and to release muscle tension by applying pressure to the pressure points along the spine. It is described as the ultimate Zen Treatment to get your body back into balance.

The verdict:

It’s amazing how effective a good stretch can be, so it’s no wonder that this treatment is something that Nobu Hotel Shoreditch has become known for. Key to the whole experience, as though the entire brand are high standards and customer service, and from a personal perspective, when our Product Manager Danielle tried and tested it, her therapist identified her bad knee without prompting, and identified flat footedness as the root cause, offering relief and post treatment recommendations as well.

Starts with non assisted stretching and she was really informative - picked up I have a bad knee through massage and that I am flat footed and that’s causing a pain up to my knee which was really interesting. Tailored the massage and gave advice and recommendations at the end. Recommended seeing a message. Recommended places at the end. Customer service is at a high.


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