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Tried and Tested: Sanctuary Spa Comforting Night Butter’s Social Media Assistant, Zeina, goes all out for the designated month of sleep and puts Sanctuary Spa ’s Comforting Night Butter to the test!

The Sleep Council has dubbed March, National Bed Month, and who am I to ignore what they have to say on the matter. They are literally a council of sleep. As a means of honouring this month that is so important to my fellow sleep enthusiasts, hoping to one day go pro, I have been using Sanctuary Spa’s Comforting Night Butter.

Sanctuary Spa’s reputation precedes it, and for good reason, constantly providing top quality products that hit the mark time after time. This night butter is no exception, and I feel like I am a happier and more peaceful person for having it in my life.

I am usually one to struggle a little with sleep. The thing I find most difficult is the morning ritual where I rudely snub my alarm so as not to end the relationship between me and that night’s sleep. I eventually tear myself from bed, bleary eyed and grumpy, and stumble in to the bathroom to commence my morning routine. Since using the night butter I am a veritable pleasure at daybreak, bounding out of bed like a child on Saturday at dawn. I wake up feeling refreshed, well rested, and, most importantly, relaxed. My skin is soft and moisturised, and it smells good enough to eat.

Let’s just talk about its scent for a moment. It’s almost indescribable, but I will try. The product contains essential oils and emits a relaxing and sensual aroma that makes you feel both like you are in exotic lands on holiday, yet comforted as if in your childhood home. Three main smells are infused in the butter, and they are all there to provide a different yet complimentary experience; ylang-ylang to reduce tension and relieve stress, frankincense to clarify and calm, and the patchouli to reduce anxiety before sleep. It fills your head as you fall in to a deep slumber, and not in the standard lavender-perfumed way that most night related products do.

The product itself is creamy and luxurious, and unlike some night butters, you are not left grappling ungracefully with the doorknob as you try and leave the bathroom due to greasy residue on your hands. It is a thick cream, but absorbs very quickly into my skin. I have a habit of getting very dry hands in the cold, but since using the night butter I spend the days staring in disbelief at my smooth and soft hands (it’s less productive for work it turns out).

All in all I would recommend the butter to anyone who sleeps.  It will de-stress you, make your skin feel great, and leave you ready to face the day - it has become the thing I look forward to most in my evening routine.

Serving suggestions: warm the cream in hot water before you apply it (whilst leaving the lid on). Best used alongside other products in this range.

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