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Tried and Tested … St. Moriz ‘Perfect Pins’ Instant Leg Tanning Spray

We put St. Moriz fake tan to the test on the most unlikely of testers to see what happens…

I am not known for being tanned. In fact, I could easily use flour as blusher and come out looking like I had just come back from holiday. Despite my paleness, however, I have never really embraced the ‘fake bake’ side of life, partially out of laziness, but mainly because of a particularly scarring incident in my teens that resulted in orange fingers and a friend’s white sofa that remains stained to this day.

This all changed however, when I discovered St. Moriz instant tanning spray, because perfect pins shouldn’t just be reserved for the bowling alley. Having experienced the ill-effects of fake tanning first hand, I was keen to get this right. I showered and exfoliated so much that my skin resembled that of a baby’s, and followed that quickly by slathering on a generous layer of moisturiser. I was ready.

Not a Wotsit in sight

The product is meant for the legs, but unfortunately I do not live in Australia and I like having feeling in my extremities, so I used the product on my arms in lieu of cracking out my legs in the cold December air. Luckily for my unskilled hands, application is effortless. It comes in a spray bottle similar to that of a spray on deodorant, and is as easy to use. You simply spray the tan on to the skin and then rub it in and even it out with a tanning mitt or glove (you could probably use your hand, as it is wash off tanner so there is no fear of streaky fingers).

The results are tantalising. One of the reasons I was apprehensive about using fake tan is the luminous orange glow that seems to be associated with it. As much as I am fan of Wotsits, it’s because I like eating them, not rolling around in them, so I was pleased to see that the colour that came out was a natural brown. It enhanced my base colour without coming off as obviously fake, and made enough of a difference that compliments were thrown my way from the sun worshippers in my life.

We’ve found the winter sun

The consistency is a little bit powdery, and I noticed it covered up a few small eczema scars I have on the inside of my elbows, kind of like an all over foundation. The fact that the product is wash off is amazing, and it easily comes off in the shower (without staining the sides!).

I would eagerly recommend this to anyone looking for that extra glow in the festive party season, without wanting to outshine the Christmas lights. The price is also amazingly low for the reliability and quality of the product.

So if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for the tanoholic in your life, stop the search - we have found the winter sun!

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