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Tried and tested: Warm Balinese Massage

By the London Eye and five minutes from Waterloo, Mandara Spa in London is a luxurious spa that’s perfectly designed for a luxurious treat in the middle of the week (something we all need from time to time). When Spabreaker Samantha visited for a little time out in the afternoon, she tested out their Warm Balinese Massage and this is what she had to say…


Setting the scene

The spa itself is on the fourth floor of the hotel and once you arrive you are greeted by reception who check you in, give you your robes and slippers and take you to the changing rooms.

From the changing rooms there is a door which takes you into the facilities. There you will find a heated swimming pool with mood lighting, a sauna, steam room and around six loungers by the pool (which are very comfy, so comfy in fact that I feel asleep).

When it was time for my treatment I headed back to reception where they took me through to the spa treatment area and sat me in the relaxation lounge. Here they have lots of sofas and magazines, water and fruit to pick at while filling in the consultation forms.


The treatment

When in the treatment room, the therapist went through the consultation with me and explained what would happen. They were lovely, warm rooms with low lighting, and the treatment I had was the Warm Balinese Massage. I don’t think I have ever been more relaxed in my life.

The massage started with me laying on my front covered in towels. The therapist then lifted my feet slightly and placed a cushion underneath them so that my legs were slightly lifted off the bed. She then started the massage with my legs, moving up to my back and shoulders. It is a light pressure massage, which really does make you feel relaxed. The treatment bed is also heated so you stay nice and warm throughout.

Around half way through I was then turned onto my front where she continued to massage my legs, arms and hands. She would normally also massage your feet but I asked her not - it’s a good thing to remember that you can always say if there’s something you don’t like.

To finish off the massage, my therapist focused on the pressure points on my face, which was a lovely touch. The whole time I was on my front I also had a warm towel over my eyes which really helped me to relax, and when the treatment came to an end she took me back to the relaxation room with a glass of water so I could come round slowly.


My verdict

I would highly recommend Mandara Spa, considering you are in the heart of london when you are in the spa you really wouldn’t know, it’s a place for total rest and relaxation. The massage itself is very calming, and gentle, so it’s more about feeling good that a prescriptive treatment for aching muscles. I fell asleep in my treatment, which gives you an idea of how relaxing it is.

I spent the morning at work before going to have my massage, so for anyone looking to have a midweek treat I would definitely recommend it. I got there at about 2pm, sat in the relaxation area, used the facilities, had my treatment and went home - it’s a 55-minute treatment and it was the perfect way to finish the day.

Top tips:

  • Arrive an hour or two before your treatment to use the facilities.
  • Upgrade to champagne and chocolates after treatment for a special occasion.
  • The hotel is beautiful so book dinner afterwards if you have time.


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