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Use crystals for wellbeing and spa treatments like the Duchess of Sussex

energy healing crystals

Crystals are having a comeback.  The renaissance is in no small part due to the Duchess of Sussex and the black onyx and diamond necklace that she wears for protection and love, according to the crystal healer and hypnotherapist Kim Alexis.

One place that has always known the power of crystals however, is Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre at Cafe Royal.  Here, their expert therapist Teodora explains the healing properties of five of the most popular crystals used in spa treatments, so you too can take a leaf out of Meghan Markle’s wellbeing book…

The three main properties of crystals are to absorb energy, to amplify it and to emanate energy.  They are used in touch therapies for specific energies, usually healing. The theory is that as our bodies are 70% water, they resonate with the waters in the crystals and they can be used for positive benefits.

rose quartz

Rose quartz for the heart chakra

The most popular crystal to use is spa therapies is the rose quartz.  It’s associated with the heart chakra and is good for relationships, love and any kind of heartbreak.  That can mean any time when you’re upset or disappointed, but in particular when it comes to love.

amethyst crystal

Amethyst for the third eye

Amethysts are very good for amplifying intuition, meditation and to help you to connect with the ‘’divine within’.  It is particularly good for the third eye, which is our intuition, and supports thinking clearly and properly. In essence it helps us to see things better and with clearer perspective.

onyx crystal

Onyx for protection

Known to be good for protection onyx stones are often worn by therapists when they’re working.  They help to keep you grounded and to protect the wearer from any kind of negative energy. If you have heard of the concept of an energy vampire - someone who drains energy from you, and that can often result in headaches, they are good for protecting against that.  

white quartz crystal

White quartz - the multifaceted crystal

White quartz is very popular because white contains the whole light spectrum.  The result is that it is very good for lots of different things. The idea is that you can address lots of different problems with it because colour is relevant.  For example, in Reiki, you can use crystals and for each chakra and their associated colours.

Carnelian for the second chakra

Another stone that’s popular is the Carnelian.  It’s a brown stone that is good for the second chakra.  That is to say that it’s very good for positive decision making about your security, your house, and your relationships in general, not purely the romantic ones.

Laminar for balancing emotions

Usually I use crystals by intuition and feeling what someone needs the most. I love to use laminar, which is not such a popular one but it’s extremely good for balancing the emotions. If you’re having a hard time and you’re very stressed, it’s good for rebalancing. Sometimes it can make you more emotional in the short term, but when that passes you rebalance and find inner strength.  So I love this crystal because any kind of unbalanced energy is rooted in unbalanced emotions and it has the capacity for very positive effects.

The wonderful thing is that crystals can be used in all treatments.  You can have crystal therapy specifically, or they can be combined with reiki or reflexology, for example.  Personally, I really like that combination of physical and energy work at the same time.

One thing that people do need to be aware of is that crystals need to be cleaned before and after they’re used because they do absorb energy.  When you buy them they already have energy in them.

The easiest way to clean a crystal is to leave it outside for 24 hours, preferably at a full moon or at least when the moon is glowing.  You can also clean them under running water so that the water purifies the crystal. It’s really important because if a crystal already has energy from other people it will have an affect you, good or bad, and of course the goal is to harness positive effects.


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