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Vegan manicures: bringing freedom of choice to beauty lovers

vegan nail polish manicure

Veganism is growing in popularity and polarity.  Whether adopting it for health or ethical reasons, it has fast become one of the world’s fastest growing lifestyle trends sparking debates around the globe.  Bringing the vegan option to beauty lovers however, these are the spas offering vegan manicures and pedicures as part of your spa experiences…

Moddershall Oaks

Moddershall Oaks, Staffordshire

In addition to adding a vegan menu to their restaurant offering, Moddershall Oaks in Staffordshire was an early adopter of the vegan spa treatment. Their vegan pedicures sound good enough to eat!

Their Cinnamon and Mandarin Mini Pedicure is a completely organic and vegan pedicure. During the treatment, guests enjoy a lower leg and foot exfoliation with a spicy cinnamon and peach kernel oil infused scrub.

This is followed by a file and application of a vegan nail polish of your choice.  The aromatherapy properties of the cinnamon revitalise your skin. Meanwhile the vegan, toxin-free polish (free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene) nourishes your cuticles, helps to build strong nails and gives you flawless colour.

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Dolphin Square Hammam 1 (2)

The Spa in Dolphin Square, London

A little Moroccan haven in the middle of Pimlico, The Spa in Dolphin Square is every inch a sensual cosmopolitan experience.  Perfect as a way to spend mid-week evenings with friends, they have an exceptional hammam experience.

Meanwhile, spa treatments use vegan product line, Spa Ritual. They even produced a bespoke nail polish to match their interiors.  Spa Ritual takes an ethical approach to the creation of their products, hinging on both eco friendly packaging and plant-based ingredients.

Savvy consumers will be heartened to hear that ingredients include selected plant essences that are wild crafted or organic.  Meanwhile, formulations are naturally coloured and free of synthetic dyes.

Ringwood Hall

Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa, Derbyshire

New to the spa scene in 2018, Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa has taken careful consideration in everything they do. That has included their spa product choices.  They have chosen to use products that veer away from the mainstream and adhere to natural, organic and vegan friendly principles.

That includes Ytsara, Little Butterfly London for prenatal treatments, Lola’s Apothecary and Salt of the Earth for manicures and pedicures. Lola’s Apothecary was born of the owners’ desire to create products inspired by nature and capturing the magic of their home in Devon.  Little Butterfly London was created by a mum looking for organic luxury skincare. Salt of the Earth is a Utah-based company using salt that’s been hand-harvested from evaporation pools around the Great Salt Lake. The scrubs, crèmes and masks, infused with natural ingredients and 72 organic trace mineral complexes, make for luxurious manicures and pedicures.

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