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What Champneys is REALLY like

Champneys has been a well known name in the spa world for a long time now, so it could be forgiven for getting a little fuzzy around the edges. On our latest trip though we were 110% wowed by the facilities and service, and here’s why…

1.From the minute we drove down the long drive way we were blown away. For starters, the exterior was very grand and very beautiful at our chosen destination in Tring.

2.We can be a bit picky about our food at times, so menus are always approached with trepidation. On this occasion however, we struggled to find anything we DIDN’T want!

3.You can wear your robes all day, the only time you need to get changed is for dinner but breakfast and lunch are robe friendly and they are super cosy robes too so we would highly recommend keeping them on for as long as humanly possible!

4.We had lovely weather, which only enhanced the experience as we were able to sit in the sun for lunch, walk around the gorgeous flowered gardens and sunbathe on the many loungers located around the grounds and by the outdoor facilities.

5.Believe it or not, we really liked the fact that it’s alcohol free (although you can order a bottle with dinner if you wish). Often on a getaway it’s nice to sit in the bar before dinner, but here we enjoyed smoothies instead!

6.The treatments were great and there are lots of product shops to explore afterwards as well. The relaxation room has the cosiest beds with pillows and duvets and a fake yet ‘real sounding’ fire.

So the conclusion is that Champney’s is still a true spa experience where you leave feeling really relaxed… just the way it’s meant to be!

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