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Why it works … Cinetic Lift Expert by CARITA

A little something from CARITA to restore youthfulness; The Mere Golf Resort and Spa explain!

What exactly is the Cinetic Lift Expert?

The Cinetic Lift Expert machine is an alternative to cosmetic surgery.  It uses microcurrents to tone and lift the muscles.  At The Mere we offer four different types of treatment from a 45-minute eye lift to a 105-minute full facial treatment.  A lot of clients go for 90-minutes.  It includes a cleanse and tone, then an exfoliation using ultrasound which is called a skin refiner, followed by a massage to drain the lymphatic system.  Then we apply anti-ageing eye patches and while they are cooling the eyes we perform a hand and arm massage and a leg and foot massage.  After that we use a micro current through gloves which have a silver thread running through them which conducts the current.  This allows us to really lift the skin.  After that we use the LED light which has different settings to work on the surface of the skin and improve radiance and scarring, and reduce dark patches from sun damage.  After that we tone the skin again and finish with an eye cream, serum and moisturiser.

Where is it from?

It’s designed by CARITA and we are one of the first spas to offer the treatment.

What is it supposed to do?

It increases collagen, tones muscles, reduces crow’s feet, fine lines and puffiness, and puts radiance back into the skin.  It’s also quite relaxing as it is designed to mimic a regular facial as far as the experience goes.  It’s all about restoring usefulness and maintaining what you have as well.

Is there anything you recommend clients do before or after the treatment to get the most out of it?

We recommend a course of treatments to get the full benefit - you will see a difference after the first one, but to keep that going we recommend two a week for three weeks, then a break and go from there.  Each client’s different though, and some people like a boost for special occasions.

Who is it particularly good for?

It is really for anyone ages 25 and over.   Everyone is different, but I would recommend it after that.  CARITA has product ranges for different age groups and we tailor the treatments accordingly. It is also for anyone looking to avoid cosmetic surgery but who still wants the positive effects.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have it?

If you have had Botox or fillers recently then we wouldn’t recommend it.  It is also best avoided if you are pregnant or have sunburn.

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