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Why it works: Hydra-Cloud Pevonia Facial spa treatment at Ringwood Hall

Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa talks about their 75-minute Hydra-Cloud Facial from Pevonia

Ringwood Hall Hotel and Spa has recently introduced a brand new spa treatment from Pevonia. The 75-minute Hydra-Cloud Facial is gentle, effective and draws on the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid to soothe, smooth and boost skin, giving it a natural glow. Here, Spa Manager Jemma explains what it is and why it works.

What is the Hydra-Cloud Pevonia Facial spa treatment?

It’s a brand new spa treatment that just launched in our spa and that’s also new to Pevonia itself. It’s a 75-minute facial that’s extremely relaxing but that’s results driven as well.

What does it involve? 

It starts with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation of the skin using enzymes from papaya and pineapple. This unlocks the dead skin cells and allows us to treat the lower levels of the skin.    Next comes their patented Hydra-Cloud Mask™ - this is the key bit of the spa treatment. It pairs hyaluronic acid with a powerfully formulated micronized cotton blend - tiny particles are negatively charged and drawn to the dermal layers of the skin so you will see a longer lasting and boosted effect.   The mask stays on for 10 to 12 minutes, which feels great - it’s lightweight and cooling. It’s then removed and the spa treatment finished with a lovely serum and moisturiser.

What are the benefits of the Hydra-Cloud facial?

Even after one treatment, the facial minimises the signs of ageing; lines and wrinkles are infused with moisture for a visibly smoother and radiant complexion.    Benefits include:

  • Deeply hydrated skin
  • Tighter and firmer skin
  • It fights free radicals
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • It’s naturally soft and cooling
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • It soothes and calms the skin naturally and is great for rosacea-prone skin

Where does the treatment come from?

It’s a Pevonia treatment and they launched it about six months ago. Pevonia are known for using 100% natural ingredients in their products. Most of their skincare products are now vegan, and we can adapt the treatment to make sure that the facial is completely vegan if anyone wants. The products are also certified organic and they have celebrated scientific delivery systems to make sure they are targeting the right areas of the skin for best results. We love the science behind them because there’s always a strong rationale for including each ingredient. 

Who is the Hydra-Cloud spa treatment recommended for?

It’s recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It’s also a great supportive treatment for anyone with rosacea and is very good for menopausal skin and mature skin. It strengthens, hydrates and helps to balance the skin, so it will be much more comfortable and hydrated after the treatment.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have it?

The facial can be completely adapted to suit all skin types.

Is there anything spa goers should do before or after the treatment to maximise the benefits?

There’s nothing in particular beforehand, but it’s a good idea to schedule your spa treatment towards the end of your spa day so you don’t use the facilities afterwards and wash off all the lovely products. Try to avoid wearing make-up for the rest of the day if possible, and just leave the products to work their magic. It works well as a standalone treatment but for best results, book a course of treatments with one every six to eight weeks. We also recommend using Pevonia's hydra serum as a product to take home and use daily. A lot of our therapists here have started to use the product range and skin looks so much better. 

Want to try the Hydra-Cloud Pevonia Facial?


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