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Why it works… the organic Rose Quartz Wellness Facial from St Michael’s Resort

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St Michael’s Resort in Cornwall has just launched its new Rose Quartz Wellness Facial, a calming, meditative treatment that tones and sculpts as well. Here they explain what makes the organic spa treatment so unique.

What exactly is the treatment?

The Rose Quartz Wellness Facial is a deeply calming yet uplifting facial that softens tension and stress lines and infuses the complexion with bright energy.

After cleansing the feet, the therapist leads the guest on a short ‘breathing scan’ meditation designed to become aware of, and then relax tension in, the body.

The skin is cleansed using a 100% organic cleansing balm. It’s exfoliated with a chamomile, rose and vanilla based scrub. Then it’s toned before the massage begins.

A 100% organic Daily Radiance Facial Oil is liberally applied to the face, and a soothing calendula based balm is applied to the decolleté and shoulders. These products replenish, repair and help to brighten the skin.

Using specific deep, releasing massage techniques across the face, neck and shoulders, the facial contours are sculpted and encouraged to return to their intended place. Attention is placed on the masseter muscle as this can get very tight and painful and exaggerate the jowl area. The scalp is worked on to soothe tension and relax the face. The movements are generally very firm and make an incredible difference to tired skin that is showing signs of aging.

Puffiness is dissolved and energy is infused into the complexion using a cooling rose quartz ‘Gua Sha’ crystal massage tools.

Following the lymphatic path, the Gua Sha encourages toxins to be moved along. The eyes are refreshed and contours of the face are sharpened.

Deep wrinkles such as nasolabial folds are stimulated and lifted along with the jawline using the contours of the Gua Sha tool.

Japanese tsubo points are then worked on with the tool to clear energy paths and ensure a youthful, glowing complexion.

Where does it come from?

Formulated by Made for Life Organics, this facial calls upon Japanese, Chinese and European techniques to get results.

The Chinese have used Gua Sha tools on the face since ancient times. Originally it was called coining or scraping and a variety of tools had been traditionally used.

Natural rose quartz Gua Sha has a gentle, delicate energy and helps to calm the skin on an energetic level. On a physical level the rose quartz remains cool throughout the treatment so has vasoconstricting effects, toning and firming the skin. The method lifts and sculpts as well as decongesting and draining.

Japanese tsubo points are also known as acupressure points or meridian points, and when gently stimulated, can help balance the energy (or chi). Deep lifting and muscle release massage ensures muscles are stimulated and the whole face, decolleté, shoulders, neck and scalp are free from tension, allowing the forehead to soften, the eyes to relax and the shoulders to drop giving a calmer demeanour.

What is it supposed to do?

Lift the contours of the face, release tension in the face and upper body, energise and brighten the complexion dramatically.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

100% Made for Life products are highly active and are absorbed into the skin readily. These ensure the surface of the skin is smoothed and reflecting light beautifully.

The meditation at the beginning of the treatment sets the tone of the treatment and helps the guest to drift into deep relaxation.

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre- or post-treatment to get the most out of it?

Drinking lots of water after the treatment will assist the removal of toxins released by the Gua Sha massage. Taking a few moments to yourself after the treatment is always recommended. The massage tool is available to purchase for home use so you can continue the sculpting, lifting and smoothing massage yourself at home.

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Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatment for?

All guests will benefit from the energising effect of this facial, but it is particularly useful for dull complexions and guests who want to age well.

The rose quartz Gua Sha tool should not be used over areas that have recently had fillers.


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