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Why it works … Aura-Soma

‘You are the colours you choose’:  A spa treatment born out of a vision in a dream, Kenwick Park explains what Aura-Soma (otherwise known as colour therapy) is all about!

What exactly is Aura-Soma?

Also known as colour therapy, you can have a 45 minute back massage or a 90-minute full body treatment.  It works a little bit like aromatherapy, but instead of scents, it is based on the colours guests are drawn to.  The first thing the client will do is take a moment to look at all the coloured bottles - over 100 of them - and a therapist will ask them to relax their mind and choose four bottles that they are drawn to.  All the colours are related to different areas of the chakra, and the therapist will do a reading based on the choices and then pick one that they think will be most beneficial.

Where does it come from? 

In 1984 the name Aura-Soma and the vision of its creation was bestowed upon practicing chiropodist, pharmacist and herbalist Vicky Wall who was clinically blind. In a series of recurring meditative visions - Vicky was given the same message repeatedly - she was told to “go and divide the waters”.  She had no idea what she was doing when she found herself in her small laboratory, formulating a mixture comprising different layers and colours of the most natural ingredients she could find.

What is it supposed to do? 

Aura-Soma can improve your spiritual wellbeing and bring you in touch with your inner beauty.  It also brings your positive gifts and talents to the surface.

Is there anything you do to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment?

You are the colours you choose, so by using your chosen bottle on the chakras explained by your therapist after your treatment this will benefit you and show your talents and inner beauty

Is there anything you recommend clients to do pre or post-treatment to get the most out of it?  

Before the treatment we would recommend you clear your mind and leave all your stress and your worries behind you. Perhaps take time in our relaxation room to clear your mind. Post treatment we will recommend you use your chosen bottle till empty and arrange your next appointment to see how you feel you have benefited.

Is there anyone you particularly recommend the treatment for?   

The treatment is welcome to anyone but it can be very beneficial to those who are open to accept and believe in colour therapy.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have this treatment and why?

We would not recommend this treatment during pregnancy, chemotherapy or in the remission period, recent operations must be six months before any treatment can be performed. Other contraindications may be found after a medical form is completed.

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