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What is a rasul and why is it the perfect spa treatment for couples?

The self-administered spa treatment is a luxury therapy and a bonding experience that's made to be shared.

Self-administered and perfect for sharing, a mud rasul is a deeply restorative wellness ritual that can also be a caring bonding experience to share with a loved one. Perfect for couples who want to enjoy a spa treatment together, it offers quality time with an abundance of wellness. So what is it and what makes it the ideal spa treatment for couples?

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What happens in a rasul?

Essentially a mud rasul/rhassoul is a dedicated, private steam room. You are given pots of spa mud to apply to your face and body, or you can help your partner apply them as well. As part of the treatment, sometimes the spa will suggest applying a scrub to your skin first, sometimes they recommend it after the mud. Some mud can be applied to the hair, but you don’t have to get your hair muddy or wet at all if you prefer not to. You then relax in the steam room with the mud on to let it work its magic, detoxing, softening and nourishing the skin.  

After around 15 minutes, a shower is activated (in areas of the ceiling and also hand-held) and you can rinse the mud off. The treatment is completed with a dedicated moisturising balm. Sometimes there are extra treats such as iced towels or chilled smoothies afterwards. Often spas will theme their rasuls to the time of the year. For example, on Valentine’s Day you might have a chocolate themed rasul. 

What does a rasul do?

A rasul is an Arabic cleansing ritual by origin. The volcanic mud contains lots of minerals that feed the skin, and having opened the pores with the steam it is predisposed to absorbing the nutrients. So it’s particularly good for times of the year when the skin is dry.

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Why is a rasul the perfect spa treatment for couples?

Mud rasuls are great spa treatments for couples (or friends) to share, because they give you time to talk during your treatment, and spend time together where a lot of therapies are about enjoying the quiet and time alone. Mud rasuls can be a bonding experience and bring levity to the wellness process too, as while you can apply the mud yourself, it's helpful to have a little help from your partner, especially when it comes to your back!

Are mud rasuls just for couples?

Definitely not. As much as a rasul is a great spa treatment for couples, they can also be enjoyed by yourself - particularly before a massage or for those who want the benefits of a spa treatment but aren't comfortable with the touch element of a regular treatment. They can be superb for friends spending quality time together, especially as small groups enjoying special occasions like a hen party or birthday.

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