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Biotech wellness tools - are they on the rise?

Is technology designed to help us measure and manage our health set to grow?

Amongst the growing trends in wellness is the availability and use of biotech wellness tools - high-tech devices and technologies designed to help individuals monitor, manage, and improve their overall health and wellness.

Using biometric sensors and other technologies to gather data about our physical, mental, and emotional state, biotech wellness concepts range from wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit to at-home blood testing. So, is it on the rise?

Alexandria Gilleo, wellness expert, celebrity makeup artist, and founder of My Zen Den told Forbes:

“I believe we are going to have more at-home access to blood testing and other assessments that in the past we could only get at doctor’s appointments, and we will be able to directly connect to apps and digital platforms for quicker, more efficient results. I also predict we will see more wellness and beauty tech products come out on the market. Red light therapy devices, microcurrent facial tools, and lasers that people can use at home themselves will be big. Biotech skincare will make waves as a wellness trend in 2023.”

Meanwhile, Professional Beauty reported on a Global Wellness Summit report, saying:

"The report states that we will see a move away from the muddy claims of ‘clean beauty to lab-tested, science-backed “biotech beauty.”

The Global Wellness Summit said:

"We see a movement that is fueled by beauty consumers who are demanding more: more education and transparency, like No7 Beauty Company’s partnership with the British Beauty Council on the “Science of Skincare,” more results-driven beauty technologies (bringing the medi-spa home), more science in ingredient formulations (like S’eau Prima’s new product that contains hypochlorous acid, a molecule found in white blood cells that activates the immune system’s ability to heal itself), and biotech formulations that are far more effective than natural extracts."

In the spa world, we have seen the rise of science-driven skincare, including Biotec facials in recent years, many of which are much-loved by spa-goers. Personally we think there's space for natural as well as science-based skincare, with everyone finding the right solutions to suit them on different occasions.

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