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Careers at Meet Junior Product Executive Amy

A keen traveller herself, Amy has journeyed through different departments at, discovering a talent for sales and now spreading her wings as part of our highly talented Product team. Here she talks about her career, her experiences, and how has supported her in broadening her horizons…

How would you describe your role?

The other girls in the product team and I work with all the departments in the company, from sales to IT, marketing and customer service. We are that central point of liaison between the company and the spa destinations we work with, and we work closely with spas to help them create spa experiences that we know our guests want, but that also give them the best experience at each spa destination. We then keep all those experiences up to date on our website.

We have so many spa experiences and so much information, we are really able to advise on what works well and what doesn’t, so a lot of our spas come to us for advice, and that’s where is different to other spa booking platforms - we really work closely with spas.

We organise for our team to visit the spas that we work with so that they can really learn about the product and are able to speak to guests with first hand experience. We also arrange training where spas visit the offices to talk to the team about who they are and what they offer or anything new they have introduced.

What did you do before joining

I’ve taken a slightly strange route to where I am today really. I worked in childcare for five years in a nursery and then I worked abroad. I went travelling to Australia and worked on Disney cruise ships. I came home for a while and had a supervisor role in childcare again, but then went travelling again, visiting 11 countries in eight months.

When I came back I didn’t want to work in childcare anymore. I applied to a customer service role at when the new office was opening in Brighton. I wasn’t too sure what I was going in for, but I knew I needed a change and I had worked with high end companies in the past including Disney, Virgin and First Choice (in the creche) - all of which had a customer service element.

At that time, our Sales Manager, Jo, said she thought that I had sales in me, so they offered me a role in the Sales team on the condition that if it wasn’t for me, then I could go back to customer service. It’s something I really like about, that they let you move around the company and learn.

I worked in UK sales for a while, and then the overseas team. Around that time I was offered another job working as a Peru specialist at another company. I didn’t like it half as much, and after six months I came back to the UK sales team, before an opening came up in the Product team. I had always wanted to go into the Product team, but the opportunity hadn’t been available, so when it was, I jumped at it and was really encouraging.

What do you like about careers at

I feel I’m lucky to have come into this role. If I had been applying for it elsewhere, without the background in the team, I might not have been given the opportunity - are really great at letting you grow and explore careers within the company.

Because I’ve been in a few of the different teams I really understand them and how they work. So now I work with the spas I can tell if something will work with the team or not. I love my career now because every day is different. All the seasons bring something new, and there’s always a new campaign and initiatives - for example, we have been working with some really luxurious spas recently, getting Elysium Collection up and running.

What do you want to do next in your career?

I don’t have a plan from here, I just want to learn more. Since I joined the Product team we have launched The Elysium Collection, Wellbeing on the Waves cruises, and online bookings have really escalated. We’ve had all the seasons and as a team we all work really well. It’s something I really enjoy.


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