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Spa a thought for stressed our mums this Christmas

Christmas spa gifts for the best mums in the world.

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From new mums to mums whose kids have grown up, being a parent is a joy, but we all know how hard our mums work to take care of us. Here's a few ideas on how to show a little TLC in return with a spa gift voucher this Christmas.

Reflexology at Lifehouse Spa and Hotel

Reflexology is a healing process using a specialised massage technique and concentrating on the reflex areas in the feet.  They affect particular organs of the body. Reflexology is a relaxing method of stimulating the body’s self healing properties. Couple it with the beauty of Lifehouse in this tranquil and contemporary location and let the healing begin.

Reflexology: what is it and what are the benefits?

Reiki at Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre at Hotel Cafe Royal

Reiki can be an extraordinarily healing experience. At Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre at Hotel Cafe Royal they put their own twist on it as well. Helping to balance energies and manage stress, as well as to address health and wellbeing problems, it is a gentle and restorative practice. All the more enhanced by its location at this spectacularly luxurious spa hotel.

Find out more about Reiki and its benefits

Hydrotherapy at Ardencote

With a new thermal suite, Ardencote is a longstanding favourite amongst spa goers. Now it has an added wellness factor. Try the aromatherapy steam room for relaxation. Try the Himalayan salt sauna to relax the body. Try the Tyrolean Kilo sauna to release of endorphins. And try the foot spa to ease tensions in long-suffering feet.

Find out about hydrotherapy and its healing benefits

Energy healing at Guildford Natural-light Wellness Spa

Energy healing is one of the most soothing and intuitive therapies available, taking a deeply empathetic practitioner, and providing a gentle spa experience that incorporates lots of different elements. At Guildford Natural-light Wellness Spa therapists channel reiki, kundalini and prana energies to provide the right experience for you.It's great for mind, body and soul, whether you have something specific you want to address, or simply feel the need to gain balance.

Energy healing: what it is and who it’s for?
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