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Energy healing: what it is and who it’s for?

Can energy healing make a difference to how we feel? And if so, how does it work?

If energy is never lost but only transferred, can it really be used in spas for health and wellness? Following our recent discussion about the healing power of crystals, spa therapist, Katie, from Natural Light at Holiday Inn Guildford explains the philosophy and practice of energy healing and how she and her team use it in their spa.

What is energy healing?

Whenever you touch anyone, healing occurs. At Natural Light at Holiday Inn Guildford 50% of us are energy healers, and there are different forms of energy work ,here at natural light our therapists channel reiki, kundalini and prana energies. This is all  energy work with slightly different ways of connecting to it and slightly different outcomes. 


Reiki is a very peaceful, calming, balancing and beautiful energy. You know you will come out of it feeling relaxed, connected and generally want to go to sleep.


Kundalini is more creative  energy. It is held at the base of the spine and is good for athletes, or if you have a project and need focus. It’s good for people who have anger issues and for releasing yourself from stress. 


Prana is similar to reiki in that it's a subtle energy in that it’s calming and makes you feel really connected with everything and can help you correct imbalances in the body's energy fields. 

People experience energy differently as well, so in reiki your body will feel calm whereas in kundalini you can feel a bit edgy as energy works through you. We only offer kundalini healing here at Natural Light, not a kundalini awakening (this needs to be very carefully considered and should be done over an extended time).

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What does energy healing involve? 

Different practitioners approach it in their own ways, but for me, the client comes in and I personally don’t like to know anything about them beforehand. Before the session I get into a meditative state so I can connect with their energy and their breathing begins to mirror my breathing. 

Who can benefit from energy healing?

It’s something for everyone and everyone gets something different from it. I have a lot of clients who are bipolar and come in regularly. I use it a lot with clients who are going through chemotherapy to help with anxiety, but really it’s for anyone who feels they need some support, especially on an emotional front.  

As your energy is re-balanced, it is very likely that you’ll feel renewed, relaxed and more open spiritually. You can also feel a little heady and feel like you need to sleep. This is very normal as your body adjusts. 

An energy session can also help with a range or physical and emotional issues such as: 

  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Neurological disorders
  • Anxiety

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or just physically tired, you’re likely to really benefit from an energy healing session. 

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