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The healing power of crystals

Lots of people swear by the healing power of crystals, but what do spa therapists say?

Lots of people swear by the healing power of crystals. They feature in at home wellbeing, and are often incorporated into spa wellness as well. Here, spa therapist, Katie, from Natural Light at Holiday Inn Guildford explains how crystals are used in spa treatments to support health and wellbeing.

How are crystals used in spa treatments?

Crystals were quite trendy for a while, and now they are becoming popular again, but we’ve done crystal healing here for 10 years. We use them in our healing sessions.    A client will come to us and we will talk to them first to get a feel for which crystal they need. Everything is very intuitive - some of it is about energy and sometimes you are helped by spiritual ‘guides’ - people who have passed over.  It’s all dependent on the person and it’s always different.    Crystal healing is about what your body needs at that particular time. 

What happens during crystal healing?

After having our initial conversation, we will choose the crystals, the client will lay on the treatment bed, fully clothed, and then we set to work on a specific area.    If someone is having trouble sleeping and it's an ongoing cycle for example, I would look at using crystals that are grounding and help to balance the whole body. During menopause we often use amethyst as it is a natural tranquiliser - it relieves stress and anxiety, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety.  It enhances memory and helps with  insomnia.   Everyone experiences the therapy differently as well. Some people simply feel very peaceful and relaxed, some people have memories come back, some feel energy running down their legs, some have smells come to them. You never know what’s going to happen, but I’ve never known anyone come away without feeling very peaceful. It’s very comforting - like having a warm blanket wrapped around you. 

Can anyone be a healer?

Most healers are intuitively drawn to practising. I knew from a very early age that I was drawn to people and drawn to heal, but you can learn it as well. Here we’re all intuitive healers so there’s no set format or routine to treatments, it’s all about connecting with the client and what they need.

Who is crystal healing for?

We use crystal healing for all sorts of issues, ranging from anxiety and depression to loss, grief and hormonal issues (like menopause). We even use it with children aged 11+.   At the moment we have a lot of people coming to us with long Covid issues. With the rise in awareness around male depression we have had a lot of men coming in as they feel more comfortable addressing any issues. We also always have people who come to us for anxiety, depression, loss, and at the moment menopause is really big because of the emotional side effects and lack of sleep.

Crystals and wellness uses

Rose quartz

This crystal is also known as the ‘love crystal’. This stone is commonly used for issues with self love as well as protecting relationships. The rose quartz can also help to heal your heart from disappointment and pain.


Amethyst is a crystal that is often used for helping people connect spiritually and in some circumstances to help open their psychic awareness.

Iron pyrite

The spa uses iron pyrite to work with negative energy or any physical danger that you may be faced with. This can also help activate your intellect and memory even more.

Tiger eye

This crystal is the crystal of understanding and awareness. The spa often uses it with people who are experiencing stress and anxiety, or have suffered loss and grief.


This particular crystal is often used in the spa to help ground and rebalance your energy. It is also another crystal that they may use if you are suffering with stress and anxiety as it provides a feeling of calm and peace.

New jade

This crystal is one that can help self love. The spa often uses it for clients who need to find focus and promote positive energy. This is a gentle crystal and is often used for sensitive souls who need comfort.


The citrine crystal is a crystal of positive energy. It's a great crystal for rebalancing and is often used because of its ability to help cleanse and  recharge your energy field. Citrine also helps to fend off any negative energy that comes your way.


This is one of the spa’s best kept secrets.  Celestine is used to calm and balance. Some people who have used this crystal find it helps provide clarity and peace.

Quartz crystal

Quartz crystal is a master crystal. It has a pure and powerful energy source. This crystal can make you feel more aware, as well as stimulate your brain. It’s a perfect crystal for people feeling mentally and physically drained.

Desert rose

This crystal is sometimes used during the spa’s meditation or sound healing sessions. It can help to access past and  future lives. It can bring mental clarity as well as insight and awareness to the owner of the crystal.


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