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A day in a life … with Endometriosis

Two years and three operations into her battle with Endometriosis , Katie Miller shares her experiences, advice, and encouragement for women everywhere…

I found out I had Endometriosis… in August 2012 after a four month battle to get diagnosed.

My symptoms are… chronic pain, fatigue and bowel issues.

The impact on my daily life is… that some days just getting out of bed is a challenge, some days walking is tough, and I’m in an element of pain all the time.

The biggest obstacles are… keeping going when things are hard. Endometriosis is an invisible disease so you can’t see what’s going on; I don’t look ill. Recovering from three operations in 25 months has been a battle.

The best thing I have learned through having Endometriosis is… that I have inner strength and that no matter what I’m sent I can cope with it.

Other people can help by… understanding what my limitations are when I tell them.

The best advice anyone has given me is… never giving up when pushing for diagnosis and treatment.

My advice to anyone who has just been diagnosed is… get involved with fellow endo-sisters on social networking sites. We keep each other going through bad days and celebrate good days together.

The thing that makes me feel on top of the world is… having days where I can wear my heels and feel like me!

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