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Reflecting on the benefits of time alone on Singles Day

Thursday 11th November is Singles’ Day, something which began as a holiday celebrated by unmarried people in China in 1993 and that has gained traction around the world. While it might have begun as an anti-Valentine’s sort of thing, it’s also a good time to reflect upon some of the benefits of time alone, being in your own company.

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Singles Day facts

  • An estimated 35% of the population is single (never married or in a civil partnership)
  • Divorced/dissolved civil partnerships account for an additional 8.2% of adults
  • Those who are widowed/are the surviving civil partner account for a further 6.5%

Ref: Office of National Statistics

Of course, you don’t have to be single to enjoy some of the benefits of time alone every now and again. Spending time on your own, and being comfortable doing that, is a profoundly healthy thing to do.

According to an article in Forbes there are a number of science-backed reasons to spend time alone in our increasingly chaotic world. These include:

It can help you to increase empathy.

Where time in close cliques can create what Forbes described as a ‘a “we vs. them” mentality’, spending time alone can give you a different perspective on other peoples’ experiences.

Solitude can increase productivity

It can help spark creativity - hence the common stereotype of writers and artists huddled away in their studios at work.

It can help build mental strength

This is an interesting one. Although we’re social creatures, and the last couple of years have definitely shown the importance of that, studies have shown that “the ability to tolerate alone time has been linked to increased happiness, better life satisfaction, and improved stress management.”

Being alone gives you an opportunity to plan your life

If you’re busy with other people all the time, how can you find the headspace to think - go down a few false avenues in your head and generally play with what’s possible? It’s a chance to think about your goals and make sure all your business is doing what you want it to do!

Spending time alone helps you know yourself

Not always the most comfortable of things to come to terms with, but getting to know yourself is always a good thing, and you can only really do it when you have time to reflect on how you feel about things. It’s a chance to make choices without outside influences and understand yourself a little better.

So, massage or facial; lunch, afternoon tea or both; champagne or cosmopolitan; yoga or Nordic walking; country, city or coast? Choose a spa break that’s just for you to celebrate Singles Day, or frankly any other day that you just want a little me-time.


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