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Eight things you should and shouldn’t do after a facial

Want to supercharge your facial? Here are eight top tips for getting the most out it with the right post-treatment self-care.

With the right products, a facial doesn’t just work wonders while your therapist is putting in the hard work, it continues to benefit your skin for hours afterwards. The key is knowing how to supercharge its powers with the right aftercare. In this article we look at the dos and don'ts after a facial. Norton Park Spa Manager, Sophia, explains.

What not to do after a facial

Don't use spa facilities after a facial

The skincare products used in a facial will work best if they're given time to sink into the skin to hydrate and nourish. So try to time your spa day so that you use the spa facilities like the pool, sauna and steam room (then shower) before your treatment. That way they will open the pores and prepare the skin to make the most of the products and experience. Don't use the facilities post-facial if you can avoid it as they will wash all those lovely products off.

Don't use the same skincare products all the time

Don’t use the same skincare products throughout the year. Remember to change them with the seasons. In winter months for example, a richer and more nourishing and protective moisturiser is well worth investing in.

Don't dehydrate after your spa treatment

Spa treatments can cause you to dehydrate, especially if you use the spa's thermal facilities beforehand, so be careful not to dehydrate. Drink plenty of water after your facial. You should do this all the time, but especially after a spa treatment to help flush out all those toxins and rehydrate.

Don't sleep with your make-up on

Ideally, after a facial it's best to leave your skin without make-up for the rest of the day. Then, having treated your skin to all that goodness, remember to take care of the basics - top of the spa therapist's recommendation list? Never go to bed with your make-up on.

What you should do after a facial

Relax after your spa treatment

The essential oils and other therapeutic properties of the treatment will support overall wellbeing long after you've left the treatment room. Help them along the way by spending a little time relaxing after your treatment rather than rushing back into a busy day.

Continue with home skin care

Home care plays a really important role in prolonging the benefits of a facial. Your therapist will be able to recommend the best products to introduce to your skincare routine based on your current routine and the needs of your skin. You might also find that there are products used in your facial that you can incorporate.

Treat your to regular facials

One facial is a fantastic experience and a great treat for your skin. However, to really get the most out of it, a course of regular facials is the most effective way to boost your skincare routine and support overall wellness... as if you needed an excuse.

Sleep after a spa treatment

All that wellness can be exhausting! It sounds strange, but when you reach that level of relaxation during a spa treatment it can make you want to sleep even more. Roll with it and don’t get over tired. It's easier said than done, but getting eight hours sleep every night will work miracles for your skin.

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