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Detox for those who don’t like to detox

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Think detox regimes sound rather punishing? Want to get all the benefits without having to endure a strict and limited regime? Award-winning travel, beauty and lifestyle writer Rebecca Barnes shares easy cleansing hacks…


To the floor

Get grounded by taking off your shoes. Yes, walking barefoot or ‘earthing’, not only reconnects you with nature, it is said to help detoxify the blood thanks to the alkalising effect it has on the body, which in turn helps reduce blood viscosity that can result in insomnia, fatigue, inflammation, and other issues.

Remember how good it feels to walk barefoot on a sandy beach or on the grass in the park? This is because you’re stimulating the foot acupuncture points, which pick up electrons from the earth’s surface. It may sound a little woo-woo, but it’s also a very simple way to boost your wellbeing. 

Try it: At the Galgorm Spa in Ireland, the indoor pool is surrounded by a polished pebble floor to massage the pressure points in your feet, assisting blood flow and easing tensions. 

Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa

Mineral Magic

The most mineral-rich type of salt in the world, Himalayan salt is a hero detox ingredient that gently helps the body to let go of toxins and promote a sense of blissful wellbeing.

It’s also rejuvenating, calming and cleansing, as well as being very versatile: you can bathe in it for that authentic spa-like experience, enjoy a foot bath, drink it (yes, really) or book a treatment in a salt cave. 

Try it: The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath has a Himalayan Salt Infused sauna which helps boost the immune system, while the spa at Rudding Park offers Ila treatments and products based on the ingredient.

Book a spa break at The Spa at The Royal Crescent Hotel

Going green

The latest detox craze is the ancient Japanese practice of forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku), which basically means ‘being’ in nature - soaking up the healing power of the trees while connecting with the nature all around you. This is said to ease stress and worry, and promote mindfulness and wellbeing. It’s free, immersive, fun for all the family, and where better than the great outdoors to relax and reset?

Try it: The Forestry Commission’s blog ( details a number of trails in which to forest bathe, while has some handy forest bathing tips. Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa offers a Forest Bathing package.


Just breathe

With lives that seem to move at a thousand miles per hour, it’s easy to forget to breathe correctly. Conscious diaphragmatic or belly breathing is what you should aim for instead of shallow breathing. 

Deep breathing helps us take in a healthy shot of oxygen, which in turn has profound detox benefits including the creation of white blood cells, stress relief, lower blood pressure and waste elimination in the form of carbon dioxide.

Take a few moments each day to focus on inhalation and exhalation. Inhale deeply until you feel your stomach expand, hold your breath for three to four seconds, then exhale for a count of six.  

Try it: Grayshott Spa offers Breathing & Relaxation classes for those undertaking the 7-day regime. 


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