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DIY wellbeing at home this bank holiday weekend

wellbeing at home - tea and flowers

With any luck, lockdown will start to ease soon and we can begin to go out again. However, for now it’s all about enjoying time at home, either finding ways to make a little space for ourselves or creating ways to relax with members of the family. So as we head into another bank holiday of social distancing, how can you help take care of your wellbeing at home over the bank holiday…

Aromatherapy every time you enter the room

You don’t have to make a song and dance about bringing aromatherapy into your everyday life. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to a cloth and wipe it across surfaces around the house so that you get a waft of it every time you walk in the room. It’s one of those little things that means a lot.

Create your own herbal tea for wellbeing at home

If you grow herbs in the garden, then you really don’t need to be a scientist to brew a herbal infusion. There is something intensely relaxing about making tea from the garden, and it’s so incredibly simple. Obviously make sure that you know what you’re using and if you’re in any doubt, do not consume it. However, picking a few leaves of mint, a sprig of rosemary or chamomile, or grating a little ginger from the fridge is part of a holistic wellbeing at home ritual that’s deliciously simple. Boil for a few minutes and leave to brew for a further five minutes. Then enjoy a few moments just to yourself, or share the moment with someone you love.

Organise your own spa day

Just because you can’t go out to a spa at the moment doesn’t mean that you can get some of the benefits for wellbeing at home. Set the scene with scented candles, relaxing music, a favourite book or magazine, and a fresh clean robe and slippers to settle into.

Then treat yourself to a facial:

  • Start with a facial steam: add hot water and a few drops of essential oil to a bowl, drape a towel over your head to steam with eyes closed for a few minutes at 30 second intervals. Use a cool towel between sessions.
  • After your facial steam, apply a cleanser and toner.
  • Use your facial scrub and really take your time to massage the skin before rinsing and drying with a soft towel. Apply your face mask and sit back and relax, listening to music, breathing in the scents or reading that book you haven’t had time for recently.
  • Remove the mask with a damp cloth and rinse.
  • Apply toner before massaging your chosen facial oil and/or moisturiser into your skin. This is all about taking time so don’t feel you need to rush at any point.

Wellbeing at home with the kids

When it comes to spa breaks, there are restrictions on the the at which you’re allowed to join the spa, but at home you can start introducing them to the powers of self care, and you can make it inclusive and fun.

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose essential oils that are known to support children’s wellbeing to scent the room. For example, mandarin is known as the children’s oil in France.  Its fruity aroma dissolves tiny tantrums and the refreshing scent cools hysterical outbursts. 
  • Let them take part in choosing the relaxing music for your spa day. Use child friendly body creams to encourage them to massage their hands and feet.
  • Make caffeine free herbal teas for you all to enjoy together, such as mint or chamomile - add honey to taste if they prefer.
  • Encourage them to join you in dressing in their robes and slippers to sit and relax.
  • Create face masks using home ingredients such as oats, avocado, natural yoghurt and honey, and let them remove them with warm clothes.
  • A manicure or pedicure is an easy way to introduce a child to spa experiences. You could simply file and massage a gentle moisturiser into their hands and feet, or if you are happy to apply polish then it’s a great way to help them take a little time to sit quietly while it dries! Always check any products, natural or otherwise, in case of allergies and in line with children’s ages, especially when used topically or ingested. If in any doubt, speak to a doctor before use.

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