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Doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride

Cycling 54 miles for the British Heart Foundation

Within our team we always try to do things to improve wellbeing both for ourselves and the people around us. Our team members are proactive in that endeavour, but are also dedicated to balance - sometimes wellbeing is about exercise, sometimes it's about sleep, and sometimes it's about time with your friends.

Cycling for the British Heart Foundation

On this occasion, one of our industrious team members, Product Manager, Chris Beeson, is making it about fitness and fundraising as he sets out to do the London to Brighton Bike Ride on the 18th June.

The 54-mile route is definitely a challenge, taken up by thousands each year. Starting in the nation's capital and finishing at the beach by the home of, it's in aid of the British Heart Foundation, which funds medical research related to heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the UK, accounting for an average of 460 deaths each day or one every three minutes.

As Chris says: "Doing the race and supporting the British Heart Foundation is good for everyone, we all know someone who's been affected by heart disease and I've certainly lost family members to it."

Taking up a new wellbeing habit

On why he opted to do the bike race, Chris gives a characteristically understated (and balanced) answer, that many of us can relate to - the idea came up over a few drinks in the pub, when one friend wanted an incentive to start cycling again. They committed to it as a group, and now Chris is keen to keep cycling post-race as an added part of his fitness routine... although maybe slightly shorter distances with fewer 5am starts.

He says: "I hadn't really done much cycling before and I'm enjoying it, although I think I will enjoy it more after the event when I don't have the pressure of having to do a certain number of miles. From a health perspective, I've never been fitter and I do want to carry it on. I went out yesterday at 5am to do a training ride and there was no one on the roads, the sun was shining, the air was crisp. It was a tough ride, but then when I got into work I was so motivated to do things - it was great!"

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