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Dr Levy Switzerland Treatments, the alternative to botox, come to Hoar Cross Hall

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Hoar Cross Hall have introduced Dr Levy Switzerland Treatments. A unique and highly effective set of anti-ageing therapies, they revitalise the dermal stem cells that create essential collagen. The result is smoother, firmer stronger skin. Here, Hoar Cross Hall explains what they are and why they introduced them…

What made you want to work with Dr Levy Switzerland Treatments?

We wanted to expand the treatments we offer beyond the relaxing side of things. Dr Levy is from Switzerland and was the first to introduce Botox. He’s created this line of products to work alongside his treatments. They’re anti ageing and can work alongside, or as an alternative to, Botox itself.

What makes the treatments so unique?

They’re described as medi-luxe, meaning medical and luxury brought together. There are a lot of products on the market that are very high end and luxurious but they’re not backed up by any facts and figures. Then on the other side there are medical products, but without the luxury element to them. It feels like you’re using it because you have to rather than because you want to.

How do they work?

The key ingredient in Dr Levy Switzerland products is a stem cell treatment from the argan tree. It’s a world first patented stem cell treatment and the only one of its kind. In eight weeks tests show a 26% decrease in wrinkle depth, for example. People really see that difference. We find people purchase products afterwards much more than any other brand because results are visible immediately, and the product loyalty rate is above 70%, which is almost unheard of for a brand. It’s when they continue to use products at home that you get the results like those in the clinical trials. The difference between Dr Levy Switzerland and other products is that they can penetrate down to dermal layer of the skin, which would normally only be the case in prescription products.

Who are they recommended for?

Everybody’s aging process is different, but anyone can have Dr Levy Switzerland treatments from the age of 25 upwards. You will see better results on older clients. Anybody can have them though. Our main focus is people who are noticing that their skin is getting a little crepe like. These products will help to rebuild the density of skin. They’re very good at brightening and overall anti ageing such as plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.

Which treatments are available

There’s a 55 minute facial, which focuses on all areas of the face including the eyes, décolleté, and also the hands. We also have two 25 minute treatments: one targeting the eyes and another for the hands. A lot of people forget about hands but it’s really important to look after them to prevent signs of ageing.

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