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Fitness trends for 2022

Much like beauty trends and general wellbeing trends, fitness trends in 2022 are taking on a holistic approach. We’re much more interested in our overall, long-term health than in rock hard abs… although we wouldn’t complain about having those either.

In addition, technology is very much front and centre of helping us achieve those goals. There’s basically an app or a tool for just about everything, but whether you’re into the digi workouts or not, there are ideas to help and support you and your fitness goals this year. Here are some of the top fitness trends for 2022.

fitness trends

Eight of the top fitness trends for 2022

Metabolic flexibility

For those of us who can barely touch our knees, the word ‘flexibility’ can leave us breaking out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, this isn’t that kind of flexibility. Having good metabolic flexibility means that your body can quickly and efficiently switch between fuel sources that are available to it, like carbohydrates and fats. That, in turn, makes it easier to see results from workouts and maintain a healthy weight.

Improving metabolic flexibility relates heavily to what you eat in the first place - preferably a diet that’s high in whole foods and low in refined sugar. However, you can also monitor metabolic health (like the pro athletes) to understand your body better and to help decide what to consume.

Top athletes measure their metabolic flexibility to help them decide what to eat and when, and the gadget du jour to bring the same information and technology to us mere mortals, is Lumen. All you have to do is breathe into the palm sized metabolic tracking device and it will advise you on optimal nutrition to suit you.

Mental health training

It’s not just about working out our bodies, it’s about working out our brains as well, and we don’t mean doing Sudoku. We mean proactively choosing to exercise to help support mental wellbeing. We know that exercise helps to keep low moods at bay, helps us to manage anxiety and generally feel better about the world.

With a mental health crisis around the world, doctors are increasingly prescribing exercise as a way of helping to improve the way we feel mentally as well as physically. In particular, boxing, HIIT, walking, running and a combination of cardio and weight training to help us feel happy, healthy and strong are on the agenda.

Long-term wellness

Much like throwaway fashion, short-term fixes are swiftly going out of Vogue in favour of long-term wellness approaches. Finally, a fitness trend we can truly get behind! Exercise fads are out, and maintainable habits are in.

We all enjoyed our daily walk during the various lockdowns, and many of us have kept up the routine. It’s not about 10 days of fasting and high octane workouts three times a year, it’s about a little and often with a view to looking your best, but more importantly feeling your best and supporting mind and body in the long-term.

That also means stretching out and winding down properly as well, looking after those muscles, easing tension. Maybe a good massage is even in order?


Reverse running

This is definitely one of the more peculiar fitness trends that’s been reported. Elle covered the topic in convincing detail, citing a PureGym survey which showed a 50% increase in online searches for reverse running in the last year - probably one for the gym rather than jaunts through the countryside.

The idea is that it can help balance muscles and alleviate impact on the knees, so it seems to be particularly popular in injury rehabilitation. It can also help to improve posture. The jury’s out on this one, but if you give it a go let us know what you think!

Benefits include:

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Improves posture
  • Works posterior muscles

Indoor rowing

During the pandemic lots of people invested in home fitness equipment. One of the most popular items was the indoor rowing machine. Both at home and in the gym, these whole-body workout machines target muscle groups in the upper body, lower body and core all at once and have continued to have a popularity renaissance.

Great for low-impact training, indoor rowing machines have become smarter than ever with stylish options such as the oak framed Topiom and those with water tanks to increase resistance. As much as we like the idea of getting out on the water, the indoor option is much easier to access and much more appealing on a chilly winter morning.

Benefits include:

  • It’s low impact
  • Helps balance muscles
  • Works the core
  • Works the upper and lower body
  • Reduces the chances of injury
  • Burns calories

Hula hoops

TikTok has come to influence our lives in more ways than we could possibly have imagined. One of those is with the rise of the humble hula hoop as a 2022 fitness trend. There’s something joyful and giggle worthy about going back to childhood joys with these simple pieces of kit, but it’s also great for fitness

It’s not just kids in the playground playing with these things anymore, they’ve had a chic rebrand thanks to a number of companies capitalising on the power of perfecting those hip movements and the introduction of the weighted hula hoop.

Benefits include:

  • It’s low impact
  • It suits all ages
  • It improves aerobic health
  • It improves core strength


Cycling is now showing its staying power as it continues to be a popular way of working out with evermore options for getting involved. Whether you like to go outdoors come rain or shine or are a Peloton devotee, like classes or prefer to go at it alone, cycling is the fitness trend that just keeps on growing. Burn off steam at the end of the day, set yourself up in the morning before work, take a gentle ride or really give it all you’ve got, cycling seems to be here to stay.

Benefits include:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased muscle strength
  • It can help strengthen your bones
  • Helps to relieve stress
  • Helps to burn fat

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