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Top wellness trends for 2022

Health and wellbeing are high on our priority lists these days - much more than ever before. We want to keep our immune systems strong, we want to feel our best and we want to enjoy doing it. Today’s wellness trends are taking a much more holistic approach to health than they have done in the past, seeking balance as well as mental, physical and emotional benefits. Here are some of the top wellness trends for 2022.

Wellness trends for 2022

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The humble walk has gained enormous popularity as the primary form of exercise for many, and it’s staying firmly in vogue amongst wellness trends. It’s highly recommended for overall wellbeing for its low impact and moderate intensity, which is great for joints, muscles, and for cardio health (especially if you throw in a few hills).

  • According to a survey, 53% of us are walking one to five miles more per day compared to pre-pandemic statistics.
  • YouGov ranks walking the most popular physical activity in the UK, favoured by 78% of respondents (polls are taken each quarter).

The CDC recommend that most adults aim for 10,000 steps per day, roughly the equivalent of about eight kilometres or five miles, and of course, fitness apps and tech support us in getting outside and occupying our busy brains in the process. For example, Apple Fitness+ introduced an audio walking experience feature which invites users to walk while immersing themselves in the narrative of an influential person, like country icon Dolly Parton.

Next-gen wellness wearables

Technology remains one of our biggest growing wellness trends. Our obsession with data remains dominant in all areas, and it’s only getting smarter and more helpful. The main thing is that their approach is becoming more holistic, which for those of us who can become a bit obsessive and competitive with ourselves, is probably a healthier way to go. Some of the most popular and sophisticated wearables include:

Apple Watch 7.0

Apple introduced a blood oxygen sensor on its next-gen watch. The idea is that knowing how well oxygenated your blood is can help you understand your overall health and wellness.

Oura ring

This is a sleep and activity tracker that offers key health metrics (​​body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, and sleep quality) resulting in a personal “readiness score”

All that said, never underestimate the power of switching off from all things digital for a bit too!


Plant-based eating

We’re largely fans of the ‘everything in moderation including moderation’ approach to wellness and, in particular, diet. However, plant-based eating as a dominant part of one’s daily food intake is gaining traction. It’s not about being militant, but including mostly plant based foods, and there’s increasing amounts of data to support the trend.

‘Flexitarianism’ and ‘reducetarianism’ are the terms coming into play as people reduce animal products but don’t rule out entire food groups. According to an article in Vogue, almost half of Europeans say they’re eating less meat than they did a year ago. Where we are eating animal based products, there’s a far greater consciousness around the provenance of our foods, aiming for seasonal, local, ethical and sustainably sourced meat, fish and dairy.

Look at us taking a balanced approach to health and wellness!


Gut health and wellness

Gut health has been a growing area of knowledge and interest for a number of years, and with a general awareness of personal and planetary health, it’s becoming more and more mainstream. The plant-based trend also very much feeds into this area of knowledge.

According to Stylist, there was a recent 83% surge in Google searches for ‘gut health’, as we all begin tor realise the impact that the gut has on our overall wellbeing from physical to mental and emotional health.

Our gut health can impact everything including:

  • Improving our immune system
  • Impacting anxiety levels and stress resilience
  • Helps us manage the hormones that manage stress
Davy J swimwear

Environmental wellness

The hip bone might be connected to the knee bone, but we also know that our health and wellbeing is very much connected to the health of the world around us.

From COP 26 to less plastic movements, we’re all gaining a lot more knowledge when it comes to environmental wellness, and it’s influencing our choices when it comes to health and wellbeing as well.

What we eat, where we travel, the clothes we wear, lots of us are making choices in our daily lives that all add up. We might not have power to change the world, but we can all take little steps to make a big difference.


Mindful eating and drinking

Much like our thoughts on plant-based eating, a balanced approach to all things seems like the best option for mind as well as body. A little but of (most) things. And that’s largely the way the wellbeing trend is going when it comes to food and drink (including alcohol).

The powers that be are referring to it as mindful eating and drinking. Call it what you will, but rather than prohibiting or demonising specific items, the trend is moving towards being aware of what we’re putting into our bodies, and not going overboard.

One expert told Stylist:

“Mindful drinking often leads to healthier relationship with alcohol and less consumption. It’s a simple trend to adopt - to practice mindful drinking, pause before each new drink and ask yourself why you’re drinking. From asking how it feels to drink this alcohol, to if you feel good, all these simple techniques can improve your relationship with alcohol”.

Kick start 2022 feeling your best with healthy food and beautiful spa treatments.


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