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Five Reasons to go Back to the ‘80s at Brooklands Spa and Hotel

With a spa package that heralds a return to penny sweets and neon cocktails, here are five unrivaled reasons to tap our inner material girl and enjoy every minute of Brooklands Spa Hotel‘s ‘80s revival the spa way…

1. There are props.

From the Scene It? board game to a DVD interactive quiz, and crucially, the ghetto blaster ready and waiting to sound out poptastic favourites from Tom Cruise’s golden era. We’re practicing our rendition of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as we speak.


2. There’s a crimping iron.

Somewhere in the recesses of my memory my Barbie once had the most perfectly crimped hair, and I here is my chance to replicate that look. Now, where are my leg warmers?


3. The Polaroid camera.

It doesn’t matter how sharp the selfies on your iPhone are, nothing is more entertaining than the slow development of a Polaroid. Post-crimp, these are the pictures that will remind you of a fun night had by all, for a lifetime… or at least until they become so sun-bleached they look like negatives.


4. Cocktails and penny sweets.


A combination of the two should encourage girly giggles and a sugar high to match. Hands up those who actually remember when these sweets cost a penny each?


5. A choice of ‘80s movies.

When the sugar high turns into a sugar crash and you are tired of dancing the night away with your microphone hairbrush, what could be better than settling into a spa sleepover with a favourite movie from the era that brought us Top Gun and Dirty Dancing?


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