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How aromatherapy can be used to support you during childbirth

As we head towards Mother’s Day we’re thinking a lot about the different stages of motherhood.  Of course, pregnancy and labour are a huge part of that, and the experiences you have stay with you for a lifetime.  So, following on from our recent blog about preparing mums and partners for childbirth through hypnotherapy, we take a look at how aromatherapy can be used to support mums-to-be during labour.

In a recent interview with Aromatherapy Associates, leaders in the world of aromatherapy and spa treatments, we talked about how essential oils can be used to change your mood.  The way they interact with the brain through scent alone can be extremely powerful. You don’t have to have had many spa treatments to know that the scent from the oils are important ingredients.  

When speaking to them about aromatherapy during childbirth, their recommendation was to use oils that you love the smell of.  In particular, use those that remind you of a calm or happy place.

Of course, the challenge with essential oils is ensuring they’re easy to use when you need them.

The team suggests:

  • Use Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel (£28).  It’s a cool, easily absorbed body gel containing lavender, which is known for its analgesic properties.
  • Try the Inner Strength Roller Ball (£18).  It contains clary sage, which is said to be used to induce labour and comforting during contractions.
  • Try inhaling frankincense essential oil (£30.on a tissue.  It’s said to encourage deeper breathing, which can help during labour.

N/B: You should always consult your doctor before using aromatherapy during pregnancy or in a hospital environment.


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