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Winter workouts: how can I exercise in winter?

Working out in the winter isn’t as always as easy or inviting as it is in the summer months. It’s cold, it’s dark and mostly we want to go home to bed after work or sleep in as long as possible in the morning. However, we all know that working out will definitely make us feel better and will help us manage our health as we head towards the festive season. So what’s the advice?

International personal trainer James Schofield from The Active Lifestyle gave us his tips.

James Schofield - how to stay fit in winter - winter workouts

Winter workouts: what to think about

  • Do you have a goal?
  • What’s your weekly routine like?
  • What do you like doing for exercise?
  • How can you build a winter workout into your week?

Exercise in winter: your training

Most of us have a limited amount of time, so when you’re working out it’s about maximising your time. Make youur mantra: ‘get in, be effective, and get out’.

With that in mind, my preferred exercises feature huge ‘bang for your buck’; exercises that use large amounts of muscle, tax the heart and require your full attention. This is where circuits come in particularly useful, as you can perform your weighted, muscle based exercises like squats and lunges early in the circuit and more heart rate based exercises like sprints and burpees towards the end.

At the end of the circuit, rest, before restarting the circuit again and tackling the harder exercises with a (mostly) fresh body! Another variation on this idea that is a favourite with our clients involves selecting a piece of equipment (kettlebell, dumbell or medicine ball) and sticking with that for the whole workout.

Winter workout: training at home

For those training at home, I’d suggest grabbing a big heavy bag of rice (at least 2kgs, preferably 5kgs!) and smashing a circuit like this:

Perform 10 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next. Once you’ve completed everything, rest for two minutes and start again! Three rounds is a good start!

  • Squat jump
  • Push-up or plank
  • Weighted squat
  • Cable or machine row
  • Weighted lunge
  • Weighted overhead press
  • Star jumps/jumping jacks
  • Burpees

This simple circuit hits all your important muscle groups and gets your heart pounding. Ensure your form doesn’t deteriorate as you tire, and remember to get your water bottle ready before you start!

Workout benefits:

  • Stronger muscles
  • Huge afterburn effect (calories burnt after you finish exercising)
  • Fast fat loss!

This is both an efficient and effective workout!

james schofield - workout - weighted lunge

Winter workouts: your mind

Fitness isn’t just about your body - it’s also about your mind. Keeping your mind in a fit state isn’t always as simple as going about your business and training hard in the gym. You know what works best for you, and now is the time to start implementing things that make you feel good. In terms of general stress relief, we at The Active Lifestyle strongly recommend you take up a hobby which de-stresses your mind.

Depending on your activity levels, various forms of yoga provide slow, considered stretches and poses that allow you to free your mind from clutter. Yin for example is a style of yoga favoured by many with stressful lives, as is the practice of meditation. Many people start with just 10 to 15 minutes of meditation practice a day and rave about the results - as with anything, as you become better at doing it, your results will improve.

Winter workouts: your health

The final part of the fitness trifecta is to simply be HEALTHIER. Very easy to say, less easy to do. The daily choices you make regarding your food will directly impact your health and your waistline. If you choose badly, your body will show the negative effects on the outside, but it will also be affected on the inside, too. If possible, avoid foods that leave you bloated and gassy.

Avoid foods that leave you feeling sore or tender, and avoid junk food because you have to care for yourself. Self-care is a tough thing for people to do, especially in this day and age where everyone and everything is always shouting trying to grab your time and attention. You have hundreds of responsibilities, but remember, if you are ill or depressed, taking care of these responsibilities is much more difficult.

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