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Interview in The Hot Tub … Aude Dupont Dudley

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Having founded Blossoms Syrups , which specialises in natural syrups based on the traditional French concept, we meet the lady behind the brand, who is juggling motherhood, Michelin star restaurants, and the Argentinian Tango …

What inspired you to start Blossoms Syrup?

After having my third daughter in 2008, I wanted to be involved in what I love most: eating, drinking (plenty of exercise too) and I was struggling to find natural syrups in the UK. In France we have “sirops” not cordials.  As the journey took me to the best restaurants and bars in the UK, chefs from Michelin star restaurants started to use them for food preparation as well.

How is it different to other similar brands?

Blossoms syrups are unique because they are entirely natural.  We use the best raw materials, meaning that we do not need to add colouring, aromas, and preservatives. They have an immense fruitiness and natural acidity balance.

What did you do before starting the brand?

I was in sales and marketing for the aerospace industry for years, but I did not want to go back to it as I could not expand my creativity in that sector. At the same time, I gave French cooking lessons and also got involved in catering.

What has been the most gratifying thing about setting up the business so far?

Inspiring the best bartenders and chefs in the UK, sharing the quality at food festivals, and seeing the consumers falling in love with our products; nobody expects this level of explosive natural fruit flavour.

What’s been the strangest experience about working in the drinks industry?

Realising how nice people are and the number of people who are interested in quality ingredients. Why did I wait so long to get involved in this sector that I love it so much?!

Your logo is really cute - where did the design come from?

We have two, the fruit tree where our syrups come from, the love heart is my favourite shape (they are everywhere in our house) and you will find three owls representing my three daughters.  You will also see their discreet initials: JCT (Juliette, Charlie and Tilly). Made With Love is the second logo, and is about my love of making excellent products and a little wink to my babies!

You are a mum of three and a businesswoman - what do you do to relax?

Ahhh that is quite hard when you launch a business in the recession, have daughters aged 12, nine and four, a house to run, and a husband who also runs his own business, but I have been dancing Argentinian Tango and now also singing in a Garsington Opera.  They both make me stop thinking of all the above!

Do you ever get time to go to a spa and do you have a favourite treatment?

Occasionally I am treated to a spa break with my fab girlfriends or sisters-in-law; they are the most welcome breaks you ever can imagine!  My favourite treatment has to be a Guinot facial and/or a full body massage.

When are you at your happiest?

Spending time with people I love.  Life is too short, I wish I could have more time with all of them, we should be more aware of Carpe Diem.

Complete this sentence: A confident woman … knows what she wants and goes after it, knowing that she has to give and take and recognise her own limits.

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