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Interview in The Hot Tub … Marie Reynolds

Marie Reynolds (2)

A single mother with a passion for skincare, having found herself at a crossroads, Marie Reynolds sold her house to invest in her own skincare and lifestyle brand including her industry changing massage candles.  She tells us why it has all been worth the risk …

What did you do before Marie Reynolds London?

I was responsible for writing education protocols for a professional skincare brand, I was also involved in the research and development of the products and taught and lectured worldwide.

What made you decide to create your own brand?

I have always been passionate about skincare ingredients, especially soya wax and its uses; I found  myself in a situation where I was at a crossroads in my life. I could play safe and look for a job or I could sell my house and invest in my own brand! Many people said it was a mad risk! However it is only a mad risk if you have no self-belief and if you don’t have the knowledge and experience for  what you do.  As the famous author Paulo Coelho said “You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.”

What is the biggest influence in your work?

My daughter will always be  my biggest inspiration;  As a single mother it is important for me to be a good role model for her so that she understands how important it is  to reach for her own goals no matter how scary it may sometime seem. If it doesn’t involve a little bit of fear it is usually not worth doing!  I constantly strive to be creative, not only where the massage candles are concerned, but also in educating  myself in the latest therapies and treatments. I like to keep one step ahead, and Liv certainly keeps me on my toes!

What sets you apart from other brands?

We are a British brand and source all of the products and ingredients in the UK. We also work with The Pink Ribbon Foundation with our latest candle, Faith, which has specific ingredients to help strengthen breast tissue.  We are also looking at collaborating with another charity - details to be released soon!  Our USP is that the candles are  multi-purpose .  The melted organic soya wax can be used for body massage;  mixed with salts for a salt scrub; mixed with mud for body wrap; used in the hair as a treatment and used in its solid form as perfume or lip balm.  The scent of the candles do not over-power as they are a 3% blend which is required for use on the skin.

What’s been the strangest experience about working in the health and beauty industry?

I have had a few ‘disappointing’ experiences within the professional beauty industry, it can be a very fickle place  so you have to continue to believe in yourself and grow a tough skin (pardon the pun)! What is  more frustrating to me is how people can get drawn in so easily with products without truly knowing or understanding what ingredients they have in them. There are many brands that charge a lot of money based on  a  ‘wonder ingredient’ , and yet on closer inspection there is just a minuscule amount of it in the product itself.  To me it seems a bit like The Emperor’s New Clothes!

Do you have a favourite product?

My candle LIV - it’s formulated with Tonka seed, Fleur d’ orange, and Amber. It is also named after my daughter!  The new FAITH Candle is very special also -  a lot of work, care and love went into this one and it is for a very worthy cause .

What about a favourite spa treatment?

Ayurveda treatments are a favourite. The Fifth concept is a treatment I created that taps into the mind, body and soul. Physical ailments are a direct manifestation of mental and emotional wellbeing. Ayurveda works on this module ,the whole Ayurvedic approach appeals to me.

What are your top tips for looking and feeling your best with a busy schedule?

Hand over the things you cannot control! Stress is the biggest thing that ages us not only physically but in our whole being. Breathe; to be conscious of our breathing and take time to breathe correctly is another key element to looking and feeling our best. Use products with active ingredients rich in anti-oxidants, peptides and EFA. Make sure they are free from nasties like sulphates, artificial colours and fragrances and parabens.  Finally, eat foods that are high in water and try not to eat late at night; eat slowly and methodically.

When do you feel your best?

Early morning!  I am certainly not a night owl.  I live in the country and it is just the best thing to sit in the garden first thing listening to the birds.

What makes you happy?

Making my family happy! Long country walks, fresh air and time to clear the mind. I also love to write be it my blog, magazines or books. I love researching:  my new interest is Noetic Science.

Complete this sentence:  A confident woman is … someone who believes in herself!  This is not meaning arrogance, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. It is being confident in what you do, believing that you can achieve your goals and understanding that whether or not you achieve those goals is totally down to you.

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