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Interview in The Hot Tub … Vicky Gomersall

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A Sky Sports presenter, Vicky Gomersall has presented the FA Women’s Cup final, Football First, The British Basketball League final, and the daily sports news on Sky Sports News, but as a working mum, the question is, does she ever find time for herself?

What is your average day like?

Where do I start??  Pretty hectic!  I get in from the late shift early morning, and then I get up at 7 am and get my daughter Maya ready. At 8 am I do the school run, come back walk the dog, tidy the house, go shopping if necessary, so any admin at home, read the sports pages, research, tweet, (occasionally), have lunch, then it’s back to school to collect Maya and feed her before going on to work for the late shift … repeat as necessary!

What’s the strangest thing that has happened to you working in the wonderful world of sport?

When I’d just started presenting I went up to Manchester for the weekend to watch a game and happened to be staying in the same hotel as Sven Goran Eriksson.  I was dining with my fiancé on the Saturday evening and suddenly had an allergic reaction to my food.  I blacked out as I tried to quickly slip out of the restaurant but came round minutes later with an oxygen mask on my face, Sven holding one hand and Tord Grip (Ex-England Assistant Manager to Sven) holding the other as I’d dropped right in front of their table!!  I was slightly embarrassed to say the least!

What’s your idea of the perfect day of relaxation? (and do you ever get the chance to put this into action?!)

I would seriously love to have a day of pampering, massage, sunshine, swimming, Bikram yoga, sleep … need I go on?   Oh and yes this happens on a weekly basis (in my dreams!)

What do you do to stay in shape?

Very little now really, but largely running around after my three year old helps keep me in some sort of shape.  I love to do Bikram yoga when I can, and go for the occasional swim - I find swimming really relaxes my mind and helps me shut off.  Just recently I learned to dance for a charity night which was great fun and a wonderful way to stay in shape.  I used to do a lot more gym work, attending spinning classes and so forth, but alas I don’t find the time now - I have a gym membership, but I think they’ve seen me there twice.

Do you have a favourite spa treatment or one you would like to try?

I’d really like to try a hot stone massage but have never got round to it - I love anything to do with my back being massaged, or my feet!

What makes you feel confident?

When the sun is shining, I’ve finished the daily chores, and I’ve done a bit of exercise even if that just constitutes the vacuuming or walking the dog!  For me I’m at my best when my mind is calm with nothing hanging over me and my body’s in tune, then I feel confident and ready to take on anything or anyone!

When do you feel at your most glamorous?

At work!  Never going out sadly as I can’t get my make up to look the way the professionals can.  I always feel it’s a bit hit and miss.  Besides I am not the most glamorous away from the cameras - I’m afraid it’s Ugg boots and bobble hats for the school run most mornings … who has time to put on make-up in the mornings?

Is there a particular beauty product you can’t go on screen without?

I really love Carmex - I am forever biting my lips and that helps me to stop!

You’re a successful presenter and a mum as well - what’s your top tip for a work/life balance?

Rest when you can - even if it’s a 10 minute cat nap, a tired mum is often a grumpy one and I hate being grumpy.  Oh and switch off - literally - get away from your day job when you can (that means turning off the football for me) and play!  There’s nothing like finding your inner child again to make you feel good … we spend a lot of time in Maya’s wigwam having pretend picnics and doing puzzles!

Complete this sentence:  A happy mum is … a rested mum!  It’s so important to find a bit of time for you again after having children.  All too often I find we get a bit lost and wrapped up in our wonderful children but you have to remember we existed before them!  A little me-time is never a bad thing … not sure how much I practise what I preach but I AM working on it!!

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