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Introducing the Mind Therapy Room

Rockliffe Hall knows that wellbeing isn’t just about the physicality of massages and the feel-good factor of facials. They know that it’s about mental wellbeing as well, and that’s where the Mind Therapy Room comes in.

What happens in the Mind Therapy Room?

Describing it as a ‘treatment for the brain’, the Mind Therapy Room combines quantum harmonic audio therapy and a highly efficient vibration massage system on a dedicated bed (Wave Bed technology). So essentially, you lay down and this takes a massage to a whole new level, supporting meditation and mindfulness as well.

The Wave Bed is at the heart of the experience. You relax on the warmed water cushions and as it gently vibrates, while a headset plays binaural beats, which sound like soothing spa music but are really guiding you through the brainwave cycles of sleep to take you to a state of deep relaxation where healing occurs. All the while, the space uses chromotherapy (colour therapy) to aid the healing process.

What is it meant to do?

The hypothesis is that the sounds slow down mental activity, while the vibration massage acts on the energy centres of the body. When the brain waves vibrate in the alpha-to-delta mode, the deep rest produced as a result has an impact on mind and body, influencing organ functions as well as our nervous system.

That’s all very wordy, but in essence the results are said to include reduced stress, improved sleep, as well as reduced fears and depressive symptoms. It was in fact, originally developed to combat PTSD.

Positive effects include:

  • Slowing the heart rate
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Deeper and calmer breathing
  • Blood flow increases
  • Production of stress hormones decreases
  • Immune system is stimulated

Benefits of chromotherapy

The colours from chromotherapy are also an important part of the experience, each offering different therapeutic benefits.

  • RED revitalises, activates circulation and energises
  • ORANGE enhances mood and positive thinking
  • YELLOW promotes healing and awareness
  • GREEN soothes and inspires hope
  • PURPLE relaxes and renews
  • BLUE is peaceful, cooling, calming and cleansing

What does that mean?

It’s helpful to know your alpha states from your delta states for this. Rockliffe Hall describes them as:

  • You start in BETA STATE (attentive and awake)
  • Go to ALPHA STATE (deep relaxation)
  • Move to THETA STATE (dream like)
  • Briefly head into DELTA STATE (dreamless sleep releasing relaxation hormones)
  • Emerge in BETA STATE (feeling rejuvenated)

The experiences can be 30 or 60 minutes long. To find out more visit Rockliffe Hall.


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